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Whirlpool Jet Pushing Water into the Tub

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What is a Whirlpool Tub?

A whirlpool bathtub (also referred to as a jacuzzi or jetted tub) provides a deep tissue massage.
Water is pulled from the bath, passes through the pipes, and back into the tub through a jet. The water moves quickly - like white water rapids. Whirlpool tubs provide the most vigorous form of massage due to the water speed and whirlpool jet location. The jets target specific muscle groups. Some whirlpools allow you to control the jet power, direction or both. To customize your whirlpool you can add an in-line heater that will maintain the temperature of water within a few degrees of what it was poured at for as long as the whirlpool is running. There are other fun features or options that can be added to the tub like chromatherapy lighting. Each tub line we carry will have a list of options offered. Whirlpools differ from Air tubs in many ways. See Spa Tubs for more information.

Clean Whirlpool Systems

All the manufacturers carried by use a clean pipe system.
In the past few years whirlpools have received a bad reputation. Originally the pipes were made from flexible hosing that could bow down due to heat and time. The water would never fully drain from the pipes. When the tub was used again black crud would come out of the jets. The tubs we carry have piping that will not bow down.

Are There Different Types of Whirlpools?

When we defined jetted tubs above we spoke of the traditional whirlpool; powerful jets offering deep tissue massage. All of our manufactures carry this style of whirlpool, each model varying with jet location and tub style/size. Recently a few new styles of whirlpools have become available.

DriftBath - A Different Kind of Whirlpool

Aquatic DriftBath uses water jets but in a different way. Up to 70 ports in the back and foot areas of the tub release individual streams of water. Streams converge to create a single flowing motion that gently soothes your entire body. A soft current creates a blanket effect, rather than a vigorous massage. This system offers more massage than an air tub but less than the traditional style whirlpool. Aquatic DriftBath→

Americh Whisper - Whisper Quiet Whirlpool
The Whisper Collection's technology utilizes pipeless jet technology. Independent motors are strategically positioned behind six jets to provide the ultimate hydro-massage therapy. This technology does not introduce air into the system, making the Whisper tub one of the quietest bathing experiences in the industry while offering strong jets.
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WaterTech European Massage - Jets at Bottom of the Tub

Hydrotherapy bath with water jets in the floor of the bathtub that massage the underside of the legs, knees and feet. Additional jets are placed in the walls of the tub to provide a full body massage. This patented jet design delivers 3 entirely different massage experiences from the same jet: Water only, Air only or a Turbo charged effervescent mixture of water and air.
WaterTech European Massage →

Features of the Perfect Whirlpool Tub

We have found that the most important features when choosing the perfect whirlpool are:
Jet Placement
Jet Power
Motor Location
Tub Size & Installation

Jet Placement

Some bathers just want the water to move in a whirlpool fashion - spinning the water around the tub. This is the job of the side jets so a bath with 6 jets - 3 on each long side is perfect.
Hydro Systems Lacey, 3 Jets on Each Side
Other bathers are looking for a massage for a specific muscle set whether it be foot, hips or back. Hips and leg massage need the side jets pictured above. For a foot massage, jets can be added to the drain end or with a center drain tub - the second set of back jets can be used for the feet of a single bather.
Center Drain Tub with Back Jet on Each Side Lacey Whirlpool with 2 Foot Jets, 6 Side Jets
For those that suffer from back pain - back jets become the most important.
Jacuzzi Fuzion 7 Back Jets
The Jacuzzi® Fuzion pictured above is a center drain tub with two back rests. Since the back jets are different on each back rest, you can decide which side - which massage by how you sit in the tub.

Jet Power

Some like a softer massage, others want the most power possible. When it comes to jet number, it is not necessarily the more the merrier. The whirlpool motor's power is divided between the jets. A smaller motor can handle 6 jets nicely with decent power to each jet. Now double the jets to 12 but keep the same motor, the jets now have 1/2 the strength they did before. Increase the motor power and the 12 jets are back to strong.
Jet Power Control

Neptune offers a diverter. Turn the diverter and the power moves from the side jets to the back jets. The more you turn the diverter - the more the power is moved. Many of our other manufactures offer the ability to control the jet power by turning the ring around the jet. Hydro Massage offers a 3-speed motor on some of their whirlpools offering a quick low - medium or high for all of the jets.

Motor Location

The motor is usually located behind the tub's back slant. Access can be through a front skirt, behind the back rest or the back wall (the last two especially if a closet is located there). The technical sheet for each tub will show the motor location, if the motor fits underneath the tub and if there are optional motor locations. The picture was taken from the tub's technical sheet. It is showing two options: P1 & P2.
Aquatic Castaway Oval Whirlpool Technical Showing 4 Optional Motor Locations
Whirlpool Motor Access
Murphy's Law suggests build access and it won't be needed, don't - and the results may be very scary! Recommendations for access size vary among manufacturers: Jacuzzi® 12" x 18", Hydro Systems 14" x 16", Aquatic 16" x 16".  Down load the instructions from the manufacturers web site to see what size you will need.


The list of options can be lengthy. Installation options like skirts, tile flanges and drain are covered in the article Bathroom Tub

In-line Heater
An in-line heater will keep the temperature within 1 to 2 degrees of what the bath water was poured at for as long as the tub is running. When pump is turned on heater automatically turns on. Water is pulled from the bath, sent through the heater and then put back into the tub. Whether a heater is needed or not depends on two factors:
• How long do you stay in the tub? If you are in and out within 15 minutes, you probably don't need a heater.
• Do you have enough hot water to let some water out and add more? I found two opinions on how much hot water it takes to fill a tub: 3/4 and 2/3.
- The capacity of the hot water heater needs to be 3/4 the capacity of the tub. If the whirlpool is 100 gallons the heater needs to be 75 gallon.
- In the second opinion the heater should be 2/3 of the capacity of the bathtub. If the whirlpool is 100 gallons the heater needs to be 67 gallons.
- So expect a 100 gallon tub to take 67 - 75 gallons of hot water.

Chromatherapy Lighting
Chromatherapy is the addition of underwater lights.
• Mood lights have multiple colored caps. Choose the color desired and snap the cap over the light.
• LED lighting has multiple led bulbs in the light. Turn on the light and it will sequence through all the colors. Find a color you like - push the button and it will stay on that color.
• White is pure and clarifying to the senses, as well as the mind
• Yellow is hopeful and stimulating, especially for creative thinking
• Turquoise is serene and stress reducing
• Light red is bold, warming, energizing and courageous
• Green brings harmony and balance to the spirit
• Orange feels fresh — it invigorates and awakens the soul
• Magenta reduces anxiety while boosting creativity

Whirlpool Prices

Factory Direct Savings

All our tubs come directly to you from the factory. Tubs are created at time of order - customized just for you - no refurbished or second tubs. Fully warranted by the manufacturer. Often you will see list prices given. That is not the sale price. You just get a hold of us and we will give you the best deal.

Tub Sizes and Installation

We have sorted all of our tubs by size to help you with shopping. You will find these links below. Before you head there, we do offer more information on finding the perfect bath tub. Our article Bathroom Tub gives thoughts on the different things to consider like installation styles and tub sizes.

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Leading Whirlpool Companies

We are very proud of the companies we carry. They create whirlpools from the highest quality of acrylic, heavy duty fiberglass backing, excellent motors and powerful jets.

Why do we carry so many brands? Each company provides a different mix of sizes, jet locations and motor power. Providing multiple choices allows you to find the perfect bathtub for your needs. How do you choose from so many? The simplest way is to give us a call - 866-380-0303. is here to help you sort through all the tubs to pick the best whirlpool to fit your needs and budget.

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