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Amba Towel Warmer

Towel Warmer Jeeves D Curved

Amba Stainless Steel Heated Towel Racks

Italian-designed Amba Towel Warmers combine visual appeal with cutting-edge functionality to offer the consumer an aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient and affordable way to dry towels and keep bathrooms warm and mildew free. The product range includes several collections; Antus, Elory, Jeeves, Quadro, Sirio, Traditional and Vega. These towel racks can also be used at pools, spas & saunas, on boats & yachts, and in bathrooms, mudrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, as well as basements and garages.
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Amba Towel Warmer Line-up

Enjoy the Luxury of Heated Towels with Amba | Now on Sale

• Keeps towels, bathrobes and delicates, among other items, warm and dry
• Prevents towels from developing a musty/moldy smell – reducing laundry loads, power and water consumption
• Helps bathrooms stay warm in the winter
• Helps keep out humidity, mold and mildew
• Made from high-quality, environmentally friendly, 304 Stainless Steel (NOT steel plated!)

Amba Towel Warmers | One of life’s affordable luxuries

When Amba was established in Atlanta, Georgia their mission was to bring to the American market a collection of affordable, quality stainless steel towel warmers, designed with today's home and life style in mind. They are proud to have achieved this goal.

For 18 years, Amba Towel Warmers have been made of long lasting 100% stainless steel and are offered in different finishes including Polished and Brushed Stainless Steel, White and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Amba complies with international safety and quality standards and all come with a manufacturer's warranty. These easy to install, energy efficient, attractive and practical bathroom features are a must for every bathroom. They are designed as independent electrically operated units. They are designed to run continuously and economically … with an built-in thermostat, which prevents overheating. In fact they can safely left on constantly for the cost of running a light bulb or two.

Towel Warmer Applications
Towel Warmers not only warm and dry damp bath towels but add a sense of comfort and luxury to your bathroom experience. A towel warmer provides an alternative source of heat in the bathroom and helps prevent mold.

Electric towel warmers are great for drying damp clothes. The digital heat controller allows you to safely dry more delicate items. Dry, wrinkled clothes can be refreshed by being hung on a towel warmer.

Pool or spa owners can benefit from a towel warmer. They are wonderful for keeping towels and bathing suits dry. Towel warmers also help reduce the humidity that is present in enclosed pool areas, especially with the large custom sizes that Amba offers.

Most Amba Towel Warmers can also function as space heaters, keeping garages warm and mildew free. In colder climates this application is a real asset. A towel warmer may also be used in warehouse/workshop applications.

Mud rooms are a great location to add a towel warmer as it not only provides a warm welcome, but is also great for kid's damp clothes and for drying/warming ski equipment and jackets.

A towel warmer installed in a basement can help remove dampness and provide radiant hear, replacing central heating. Amba Towel Warmers offers an extensive selection of products, ensuring that the appropriate size towel warmer for this purpose can be obtained.

What is the best way to place a towel on a towel warmer?
Amba recommends folding your towel in half or thirds, depending on how large your towel is, and drape it over the top bar so the towel hangs down evenly on either side. This allows you to maximize the surface area contact between the towel and bars. They do not recommend weaving the towel through the bars because this only utilizes half of the surface area of the bars.

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