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MTI Reflection 1 Bathtub

Reflection 1 - 71 x 36 - Whirlpool, Air Tub & Soaking Bathtub

MTI-45 Rectangle Tub Whirlpool, Air or Soaking Tub. Drop-in Tub with Armrests and Raised Backrest. Choose your perfect bath: Soaking Tub (2 styles), Air Bath (2 styles), Whirlpool (2 Styles) or Combo Whirlpool-Air (4 Styles).

Rectangle Tub with Oval Bathing Area, Raised Backrests

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PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet
Tub Size: 71.25" x 35.75" x 22.25"
Water Depth: 19.5"
Maximum Fill: 80 gal to overflow

Bathtub Material: Acrylic
Standard MTI Colors: White, Biscuit & Bone
Installation: Drop-in
PDF DownloadInstallation & Operation Manual | Whirlpool or Air

PDF DownloadInstallation & Operation Manual | Soaking, Heated Soaker or Stream Bath

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Reflection 1 Soaking Tub
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Reflection 1 Whirlpool
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Reflection 1 Air Tub
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Reflection 1 Whirlpool & Air Combination
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Reflection 1 Installed as a Whirlpool, Faucets on Tub Deck
Reflection 1 MTI-45 Options
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