Neptune Revelation

Neptune Revelation Oval Drop-in Whirlpool
Susie chose the Neptune Revelation 3666 Drop-in Whirlpool for her bathroom. This bath has a center drain and two backrests.  No matter how you position yourself in this bath you will have 5 rotating jets to massage your back & 5 for your feet.  There are also 3 jets along each side of the tub to bring the total of whirlpool jets to 16.  To give these jets an extra boost of power she added the Turbo Air to the bath. To make sure the water stays warm as she relaxes in the tub, an in-line heater option was also added. Susie added more options to create the perfect bath: ozone system, 2 light chromatherapy and a chrome grab bar. No charge option – chrome jet trim.

The chrome on the tub, the metallic tile trim and tile all add quite a sparkle to the bathroom. The white tub & vessel sink create an inviting contrast to the dark tile.
Bathtub and Shower
Susie commented on the layout:  “Something I LOVE, is that you can move from tub to shower (and vice versa) without getting onto the bathroom floor.  Thanks to my flexible contractor, Steven, we finalized this design, with chalk in hand drawing on the floor, during the room-framing process.”
Chinese cabinet vanity
Susie was still working out some details when she sent these pictures:
“Note that one drawer is missing in pic.  I haven’t yet had a chance to modify the ONE drawer that’s displaced because of the plumbing. Simple enough: either saw off the back-half of the drawer or “reshape” the drawer to have one corner “wrap around” the pipe. I’ll do the latter.  I took woodshop in middle school, and Steven did so much extra work, already, that I don’t want to trouble him with it.  Before installation, I thought it would impact BOTH center drawers, so this is only 50% of the work I expected.”

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