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Introducing MTI Acquabella

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Opal Quiz Black Mineral Composite Freestanding Bath

As MTI continues growing within the ES Group, they are excited to announce the integration of Acquabella with the former Cosmopolitan Collection.

Acquabella Mineral Composite Series

Welcome to Acquabella, where the combination of natural minerals, science and artistry results in design-savvy products that satisfy traditional, transitional and contemporary tastes. Rooted in a strong European design ethic, Acquabella tubs, shower pans & sinks are beautiful, functional and durable.

An air tub creates thousands of warm bubbles that caress the skin. These air bubbles stimulate the skin’s light touch receptors, which produces an overall calming effect. Air systems activate the lymphatic system, increases blood flow and circulation. Also, they stimulate endorphins and produces an effect of overall wellbeing. Add an MTI air system to your Acquabella tub for the same price as a soaking tub!
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Bathtubs, Shower Pans & Sinks

Acquabella offers a comprehensive line of luxury bath products featuring exclusive mineral composite tubs, sinks, and shower bases. These models are created exclusively in mineral composite. This material is a high-quality mineral composite mixture of ground natural elements and high-grade binding agents, with a tough, state-of-the-art chemically-bonded coated finish specially formulated for MTI. The same type of material used on the hulls of multi-million- dollar yachts. Beautiful, non-porous, durable and easily maintained.

Currently, there are 22 tubs in the Aquabella series. From the petite Elko 422 at 55″ x 31″ x 23″ to the enchanting Maricela 408 (72″ x 32″ x 24). Find end and center drain freestanding tubs, many of which have exterior color options.

Find 3 styles of Aquabella cast stone shower pans. All have a low-profile design for an exceptionally clean look. Organic textures and colors, present these bases as one large piece of tile. These bases are a smart alternative to tile shower floors.

Find a variety of Acquabella bathroom sinks in styles designed to mimic or complement the freestanding tub designs. Both vessel and semi-recessed styles are available.

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MTI brand has a reputation for meticulous craftsmanship, built on the highest standards of excellence. Each tub is made to order and handcrafted. Their production facility has skilled people with extraordinary talents.

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