Elko 422 | MTI Freestanding Tub

At 55″ x 31″ the MTI Elko 422 is perfect for tight places. Even with the small footprint, this freestanding tub’s curved backrest and deep bathing well enable long comfortable soaks.

Oval Bath with Curving Backrest, Flat Rim

MTI designed the Elko with an end drain, one curved backrest and a flat rim. Giving it a unique shape that is elegant and uncomplicated. Its slotted overflow allows for a deep 17.75″ water level. The bathing well is 43.55″ x 24.25″.

Elko 422 Top View: End Drain, Thin Rim, Slotted Overflow

A Mineral Composite Bathtub

From MTI’s Aquabella Collection, the Elko 422 is a mineral composite bath. Acquabella tubs feature ergonomic designs and high insulating properties to keep the bath water warm longer for extended soaks and an optional hydrotherapy experiences. This material is a high-quality mineral composite mixture of ground natural elements and high-grade binding agents, with a tough, state-of-the-art chemically-bonded coated finish specially formulated for MTI. This finish is non-porous, shock-resistant, UV and stain-resistant for durability and easy care. The hulls of multi-million-dollar yachts use the same type of material for durability. The result, a tub that is beautiful, non-porous, durable and easily maintained.

MTI Elko 422 Soaking or Air Bath

The most elemental form of hydrotherapy is the soaking bath, where heat and water’s natural buoyancy foster deep relaxation. From MTI: “Soaking tubs are an organic form of pain relief that works magic”. MTI’s air system adds a gentle massage suitable for a range of ages. A quiet blower with a ceramic heating element pre-warms the air to body temperature and provides millions of relaxing air bubbles to caress the body. Their thoughtfully designed air system jets are located in the bottom of the bathing well for optimal bather comfort.

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MTI brand has a reputation for meticulous craftsmanship, built on the highest standards of excellence. Each tub is made to order and handcrafted. Their production facility has skilled people with extraordinary talents.

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