Deep 5 Foot Alcove Tub

The Lacie tub series has 2 deep alcove tubs with a water level of 18″! The first (Lacie 6030SKTF) is 60″ x 30″. Slightly larger is the Lacie 6032SKTF at 60″ x 32″. At either size, with their contemporary design, extra legroom and a step over height under 22″, they are perfect for use as a tub & shower.

The Lacie Deluxe 60″ Bathtubs are Extra Deep!

Alcove Tub with Armrests, Tile Flange and Modern Front Skirt

The slotted overflow raises the water level to 18″. Along with the water depth, the Comfort & Relaxation Package on these tubs makes for a comfortable soak. It provides armrests, lumbar back support and extra legroom.

There is more than just the option of soaking in the Lacie Deluxe tubs. Find 4 system options. The heated soaking tub has a recirculating pump and heater to maintain the water temperature. The whirlpool has 12 water jets, in-line heater and a powerful 3 speed motor. 18 EZ Clean air jets create a vigorous skin massage in the air bath. And for those that want more jets, the Combo 30 Jet has both air and water jets, in-line heater, chromatherapy and more!

End Drain Bath with Armrests, 2 Stage Tile Flange and Lumbar Support

Great as a Shower

An alcove design, the Lacie is designed to slide between 3 walls with a front skirt and tile flange. Find the option of a right or left-hand drain, an integral tile flange and an integral front skirt. The EZ Clean Tile Flange effectively eliminates water leakage and reduces mold and mildew problems on the caulking at the deck of the bath. It is a dual stage flange. For a whirlpool, air or combination bath the front skirt has a magnetic removable panel for access. For a soaking tub, the skirt is a flat integral panel. Either way this tub presents a clean, contemporary look. The extra legroom translates in more showering room too!

Created by Hydro Massage, they promise that each tub is built to exacting standards and goes through a 30 point quality control checklist. All products are fully covered by their warranty and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Along with that, their Limited Lifetime warranty on the shell, surface, pumps and blower, you have a bathing experience that will last! All without leaving the comfort of your home.

The Perfect 5′ Deep Alcove Soaking Tub

21.5″ step-over height
Deep water level
Comfort design (armrests and lumbar support)
Massage options
With these features, could it be that the Lacie tubs are the perfect tub for both showering and soaking?

See the Lacie Deep Alcove Tubs

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