Tony’s Jetta Porter 7236 Soaking Tub

Sometimes simple is the most beautiful design for a bathroom.
Tony selected the Jetta Porter J56L JettaSoak, a 72″ x 36″ soaking tub. This bath has simple clean lines and a roomy bathing well. He gets a generous 53 1/2″ x 23″ bathing area and 17 1/2″ of water depth for a luxurious soak. The Porter can be used as a drop-in or undermount. Tony installed his tub as a drop-in, dropping it into a beautiful tile surround.

Subway tile is always a good choice for a bathroom. It has a clean look and is easy to maintain. Tony stacked the tile, a contemporary approach. This adds visual interest and doesn’t look as busy as a staggered, brick pattern.

Jetta Porter Bath

The Porter is from Jetta’s Affinity collection which features clean, simple lines and a flat lip to highlight a more modern style. Linear waste & overflow add to the contemporary styling. There are 5 tub lines in the series: oval or rectangle tubs with center or end drains. The Porter Series offers a rectangle tub with an end drain, offered in 6 sizes from 60″ x 32″ to 72 x 42″. All of Jetta tubs are constructed with high-gloss/ high-impact, UV-resistant acrylic that will not dull or fade.

Whether your bathtub is a sanctuary of tranquility, a place for healing, or simply a part of your standard daily routine, Jetta has the hydrotherapy tub for you:
JETTASOAK | Soaking Tub
A therapeutic soak will leave your body and mind feeling refreshed and cleansed. This timeless hydrotherapy will renew and rejuvenate as you immerse yourself in the Jetta spa escape.
JETTAWHIRL | Whirlpool Jets
Whirlpool hydrotherapy works deep in your body’s tissues, relieving tight and sore muscles while promoting rejuvenation. Compact InvisiJets provide you with the same caliber of sensation and benefits as classic whirlpool hydrotherapy. Yet they maintain a sleek, modern look.
JETTAIR | Air Jets
Effervescent air bubbles calm the mind, relax nerves, and quiet the entire body. Balanced air flow throughout maintains even pressure in all injectors. This provides a supremely spa-like bathing experience with multiple modes to suit your every mood.
JettaCombo | Combination Whirlpool & Air
Recharge with dual hydrotherapy sensations as we combine JettaWhirl and JettaAir into a single spa experience. The invigorating whirlpool jet action merges with relaxing bubbles of the air bath. Their fusion provides a distinct bathing sensation.

I think your bathroom looks great Tony. Fresh and clean, yet welcoming. Thanks for sharing!

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