Bob’s Freestanding Heated Soaking Tub

A freestanding heated soaking tub was the answer to Bob’s bathroom issues. Their old master bathroom had a small shower and a corner tub. They really wanted a tub that could keep the water warm, but not have the loud whirlpool jet sound. Also, they wanted something larger than the old tub. So that they could stretch out more while taking a bath. Even though they are still waiting for the glass and door to be installed, Bob shared pictures with us.

The tub stayed on the right side of the room and the shower on the left yet, the changes are dramatic. They gained shower space by taking out the wall between the tub and shower. Now the shower is twice as long and the tub has plenty of space.

Sarah 6636SD

Bob’s tub is the Hydro Massage Sarah 6636. This 66″ x 36″ x 27″ freestanding tub is unique in design with a center side drain but, only one backrest. This allows for more legroom. The bathing area (at the bottom of the tub) is 43″ x 22″. The one backrest is slopes at 125° and the tub includes armrests for comfort. Did I mention that this is a very deep tub? A whopping 20″ to overflow!

Another unique feature with this tub is the option to have deck mounted faucets. One rim is wider, giving you the option or drilling holes for your tub filler. Bob decided on a floor mount tub filler. This allows room for toiletries (or a glass of wine) on the rim.

Freestanding Heated Soaking Tub

Sarah can be a soaking or system tub. Systems include heated soaking, micro bubble, whirlpool, air and a combination of systems. Since heat and quiet was what they wanted, the heated soaking system was chosen. A heated soaking bath re-circulates water, like a whirlpool but, instead of white water rapid speed, more like a slow running creek. As the water is pulled from the bath it runs through an in-line heater, heated and put back into the bath. This heater will keep the temperature of the water within 1 to 2 degrees of what the bath water was poured at, for as long as the bath is on. There are two suction covers – one to pull water out of the bath – the other to put the water back in.

A freestanding heated soaking tub is hard to find, but Hydro Massage has quite a few. See: Freestanding Whirlpools and Heated Soaking Tubs

Thank you for sharing your bathroom with us! I think Connie would love to follow your lead. The Sarah is one of her favorite tubs!

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