Amba Brushed Bronze Towel Warmers

Brushed Bronze Quadro &Sirio Towel Warmers

Amba is delighted to introduce the latest addition to Amba Products’ lineup: Brushed Bronze Towel Warmers. This inviting, warm finish, available in their two top-selling models, brings a distinctive twist to the usual metallic gleam, swiftly emerging as a favorite for fixtures, hardware, and appliances. The versatility of Brushed Bronze allows it to blend seamlessly into a range of design styles, from rustic to modern, injecting a touch of refined elegance into any space. The unique allure of their new Brushed Bronze finish doesn’t stop at its visual appeal—it also pairs beautifully with a spectrum of finishes, including the upscale offerings of Brizo Luxe Gold, Delta, and Kohler. They are initially stocking this finish for two models of their current offering, the Quadro Q2033 and the Sirio S2133, but it is available as a special order for any other Quadro, Sirio, or Vega sizes.

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