The Tale of 4 Small Freestanding Tubs

Beautiful Small Tubs that are Huge on Style

Gone are the days of huge swimming pool style tubs. Many of our customers are finding the perfect freestanding in the smaller sizes (5′ & smaller). These freestanding bathtubs can be huge on style and allow plenty of legroom and water depth. One of the keys to a longer bathing well is to choose an end drain bath. With a center drain tub most of the bottom is taken away with the two slanting backrests. An end drain tub has one reclining backrest and the other end is close to straight.

Aquatica True Ofuro Japanese Style Soaking Tub

Gail chose the True Ofuro by Aquatica. This Japanese soaking tub is small and deep at 52″ x 28″ x 34″. Japanese tubs are designed with a seat, allowing bathers to sit comfortably in deep water. Made of cast stone, the True Ofuro’s solid surface is velvety in texture.

Gail paired the tub with the Aquatica Colonna 120 Chrome Freestanding Tub Faucet which was designed for this bath. She added the Nordic Insulation to help keep the water warm and the teak stool to help get in and out of the bath. The teak shelf comes standard with the tub. Gail bought the chandelier in Italy years ago, I was told there was wine involved. Beautiful bathroom Gail!

Oval Bath with End Drain, Wall Mounted Tub Filler

Amy also found an Aquatica bath, the Lullaby Mini. Slightly larger than Gail’s tub at 55″ x 28″ x 24″, this end drain bath allows 41.5″ of leg stretching room.

Amy’s bathtub has beautiful surroundings in a nook between the wall and the shower. The tub fits comfortably with the help of the wall mount faucet. It adds plenty of style without taking up precious floor space. Flooded with light from a large glass block window, and reflected from the mirror on the opposite wall, the bright room looks spacious. The shower in clear glass keeps the room open.

There is everything to like about this bathroom; colors, texture, layout… I could spend a lot of time in this lovely room. Thank you for sharing Amy.

Oval Freestanding Bath with Floor Mounted Tub Filler in Bronze

Our second Amy chose the Neptune Vapora. I love this tub’s looks. Armrests and a wide rim add to the tub’s style and comfort. Smooth skirt surrounding the bath gives it contemporary styling.

Still considered a small tub at 59″ x 34″ x 21″, the bath’s floor space is just over 43 5/16″ x 21 7/8″. Amy has the air bath system. The bubbles can help her relax, or if turned up, provide a soft tissue massage. Although Amy had the option of deck mounted faucets with the Vapora, she paired the tub with a freestanding tub filler. The perfect choice for her room.

Another great bathroom design, I love Amy’s mix of curves and angles. Oval tub paired with an angular floor. Curving faucets with rectangle sinks. Column lights with rectangle mirrors. The result is a soft modern with an inviting vibe. Amy thinks her tub is amazing. We think Amy did a great job.

Before Picture, Oval Tub Dropped into the Corner
After: Freestanding Bath in The Corner

Sandra had a traditional oval dropped into the corner in a tile surround. This gave her lots of deck area to place her necessities, but it was another box in a room of boxes.

She replaced her tub with the freestanding Lucid by Jetta. This provided a modern slipper tub. The end drain design offers a bottom interior of 38″ x 18″. The largest of the 4 baths here, Sandra’s bathtub is still considered small at 60″ x 31″ x 29″. It is perfect for her.

She paired the tub with the Huntington Brass Razo freestanding tub filler. This square style faucet is the perfect compliment to the bath since it doesn’t overwhelm it and reflects the modern flair.

The result is still an oval tub in the corner, but that corner is more open and airy. It looks fresh and inviting. And no worries about losing the deck space. The perfect round table in the corner holds everything she needs (including a glass of wine!)

Thank you for sharing your bathroom Sandra. It is a fantastic sample of how a tub style can really change a room. I might have to copy you!

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