ZeroDrain from California Faucets

Drain sits flush, even when open

ZeroDrain™, the latest innovation from California Faucets adds to the beauty of a bathroom sink.┬á ZeroDrain sets a new sink drain standard for mid-level to luxury baths that is as easy to look at, as it is to use. A one-finger touch is all that is needed to “pop-down” the stopper into the closed position … Read more

Isenberg Bathroom & Kitchen Faucets

Isenberg Eleganz Single Hole Sink Faucet

Better By Design… Isenberg’s fixtures have been designed to suit every mood, because we appreciate the fact that you are an individual first. If you like the minimalism of the new millennium, you will see the cleanest lines in an Isenberg fixture that respects how you look at your space and your desire to maximize … Read more

MTI & Luxury Bed & Breakfast Bathtub

MTI Kalia 2

When a Chic Bed & Breakfast offers a Luxury MTI Whirlpool – The Guests Get Pampered
Among the luxurious amenities – Japanese Tub with Whirlpool Jets on Curtained Porch. The MTI Kalia 2 (formally called the Furo) is installed as a drop-in. 6 whirlpool jets offer the guests a massage as they soak in the deep waters of the bath.

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