Deep Soaking Tub

Deep Soaking Tub for 2 with Armrests

Water depth is an important attribute when selecting a tub, whether it is a soaking tub, whirlpool or air bath.
If you get me on the phone you will hear me state that I never want to have to decide if I am going to soak my shoulders or my knees, I want to be be covered with water. On a cold winter day I would be perfectly happy using a snorkel and being totally submerged!
How much water does a tub hold? It depends on the tub. … Read more

Tub Style: Drop-in, Undermount, Alcove or Freestanding?

Oval Freestanding Tub with Flat Rim

There are 4 Basic Styles of tub installation
Many baths can be Drop-in or Undermount while others are specifically for Freestanding or Alcove.
Some tubs are designed for drop-in installation, where the tub is “dropped-in”, or sits in, a hole cut out of the tub “deck”, or surrounding, supporting area, made of material such as … … Read more