New Aquatica Freestanding Tubs

Explore the new freestanding tubs from Aquatica. Find acrylic and solid surface tubs in a variety of styles and sizes.

Double Slipper Bath with Gold Exterior and White Rim & Interior

Purescape 171 is now available in a stunning gold metallic exterior with a matte white rim and interior. This Italian designed 72″ x 39″ double slipper can also be found in White, Black or Black & White. Made of technologically advanced solid surface composite material. This gives the tub a velvety texture as well as a hypoallergenic surface.

The following two new tub lines also offer the metallic gold exterior. Plus they are both round tubs.

Round Freestanding Bath, Curving Sides, Rounded Rim, Shown in Black

I think there is something about a round tub that just says “fun”. The Aura comes in two sizes: Aura 63″ round and Aura Mini at 57″. Both sizes are 28″ tall and perfect for a deep soak with water depth of 19.5″. Find these solid surface tubs in White, Black and Black & Metallic Gold. A beautiful bowl shape with a rounded rim, this bath series is perfect for the modern bathroom or even those eclectic bathrooms where the homeowner loves to mix styles.

Round Tub with Flat Rim, White Gold Exterior, White Rim and Interior

The flat and thin rim of the Adelina makes a more modern statement. Shown with the metallic gold exterior, this tub says “romance”. A 59″ round tub with a 40″ round bathing area. Adelina is manufactured with AquateX™ material, providing its warm, velvety surface with unparalleled heat retention and durability. The modern and bold circular design of this model will lend a refined style to any bathroom interior. You can also find this bath in White.

Classic Styled Freestanding Tub, Detailed Base and Rolled Rim, Black

Speaking of romance, Aphrodite is an ancient Greek goddess associated with love, beauty, pleasure and passion. It is also the name of this 70″ x 36″ bath with room for 2. With styling that the Greek gods would approve of, this bath has a gently rolled rim and a elegant base. While fashion can fade, style is eternal. Place Aphrodite in any room, modern or classic, and let its continuous horizontal lines, gently curved silhouette, and exquisite proportions become the center of attention. Find this solid surface tub in Black or White.

Small, modern rectangle bath with straight sides

The Claire gives us a small, modern rectangle bath with straight sides. At 47″ x 35″, it has a super compact design intended to fit spaces where no other tub would fit. This bath has a bathing area of 44″ x 32″ and a slightly curving backrest. Crafted and designed in Italy, this solid surface bath is made of Aquatica’s AquateX™ for strength and durability.

From Aquatica’s Purescape family of stunning acrylic baths, comes 3 more urban beauties.

Oval Freestanding Bath, Showing Combination of Angles and Curves

Purescape 107 successfully blends soft and hard edges in one. An oval freestanding bath with curves and a few angles to give it a modern edge. But this tub is not just about good looks. This 74″ x 36″ bath provides a 40″ x 21″ bathing area and a deep soak of 17 1/2″. Curving rim provides the perfect place to rest your head. Center drain allows for the option of two bathers. Choose a soaking, air or even a heated soaking tub!

Freestanding Tub with Curving Skirt on 2 Sides, Left Curve Corner Shown

Purescape 118 is technically a corner tub. But it stands freely in the corner. So is it a freestanding corner tub? Long and narrow at 72″ x 32″ this white acrylic bath is a space-conscious. Available in either a left or right-hand version. Designed with an ergonomic interior and oval bathing area that has a center drain with two reclining backrests. Choose a soaking or heated soaking tub.

The Purescape 364 is a smaller bath at 60″ x 31″. This white acrylic freestanding tub has been crafted with clean lines and rounded corners, making it an ideal tub for any modern bathroom project. It provides a rectangular and contemporary design. End drain, curving neck rest and slotted overflow are just a few of the design features.

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