Modern Bathroom Update with Isenberg Faucets

Modern Bathroom with Wet Area Shower, Wall Vanities

Dale had a traditional bathroom that need updates. The old bathroom featured two long vanities, sunken tub and typical, enclosed shower. When it was time to remodel he created a more spacious, modern design with lots of impact. The window was enlarged to allow more light to flood the room. Mirrors with built-in lights and under the … Read more

Luxury Alcove Tub

Alcove Soaking Tub

Ray picked the Hydro Systems Solo Thermal Air Bath for his luxury alcove tub. The removable panel on the front skirt allows for access to the blower. With Hydro Systems’ track record, he probably won’t need this feature. But it is always better to be safe than sorry. This 60″ x 36″ bathtub provides 41″ … Read more

Miki’s MTI Melinda 4 Freestanding Bath

Melinda Freestanding Pedestal Tub

The faucets, mirrors and lighting make an elegant statement in Miki’s new bathroom. Soft colors and the rich textures of the tile and counter-top create a bathroom that is inviting, relaxing and beautiful. For extra relaxation Miki picked an air bath. This biscuit MTI Melinda 4 freestanding air bath with pedestal base measures 66″ x … Read more

Neptune Revelation

Neptune Revelation Whirlpool

Susie chose the Neptune Revelation 3666 Drop-in Whirlpool for her bathroom. This bath has a center drain and two backrests.  No matter how you position yourself in this bath you will have 5 rotating jets to massage your back & 5 for your feet.  There are also 3 jets along each side of the tub … Read more