Corner Tub for a Small Bathroom

Nestled in the corner, this bath is a space saver

Nestled in the corner, the MTI Deborah 1 is a space saver. I know I can be biased about our customer’s new bathrooms, but this is great!  Little Wolf Carpentry did a great job of fitting all that is needed into a small bathroom without it looking crowded. The corner tub with the mirrored walls provides a … Read more

MTI & Luxury Bed & Breakfast Bathtub

MTI Kalia 2

When a Chic Bed & Breakfast offers a Luxury MTI Whirlpool – The Guests Get Pampered
Among the luxurious amenities – Japanese Tub with Whirlpool Jets on Curtained Porch. The MTI Kalia 2 (formally called the Furo) is installed as a drop-in. 6 whirlpool jets offer the guests a massage as they soak in the deep waters of the bath.

I Love my New Tub!

Hydro Systems Kira, Rectangle, Center Drain Tub

In Dan’s old tub there was no good way to take a bath. The drain was on one end and would dig into your back, and the faucet was on the other end, a perfect place to bang your head against. Dan replace his old tub with a new beauty from Hydro Systems – a heated soaking tub.

Beautiful Bathrooms | Customer’s Bathtubs

White Bath with Tile Flange

These beautiful bathrooms are brought to you by the customers of
They are not staged pictures for inclusion in a catalog. These are the actual bathrooms used and enjoyed by actual people. They did such a great job on their creations and sent us great pictures to inspire others.