Neptune Revelation Whirlpool

Neptune Revelation

Susie chose the Neptune Revelation Drop-in Whirlpool for her bathroom. This bath has a center drain and two backrests.  No matter how you position yourself in this bath you will …

MTI Kalia 2

MTI & Luxury Bed & Breakfast

When a Chic Bed & Breakfast offers a Luxury MTI Whirlpool – The Guests Get Pampered
Among the luxurious amenities – Japanese Tub with Whirlpool Jets on Curtained Porch. The MTI Kalia 2 (formally called the Furo) is installed as a drop-in. 6 whirlpool jets offer the guests a massage as they soak in the deep waters of the bath.

Japanese style tub with steps leading to the tub

Neptune Nagano Japanese Bathtub

The Neptune Nagano is one of our more popular Japanese Style Whirlpools
Neptune has a very nice picture of this tub dropped into the floor. Unfortunately a lot of our customers can not install the tub in this manner. That’s why I was so excited to get these pictures from Linda.