Bigger Shower & Better Tub

A bigger shower & a better tub were our two major goals. We were pleased that this meant getting rid of the pinky grey tile! The list grew, we added better lighting. My husband mentioned a TV in the mirror and a rain head. I always like the idea of a towel warmer and as we age, taller toilets are a must! As the list got longer, we decided we would dream big and cut back when reality struck. But there was no compromise that my husband was going to get a bigger shower, and I was going to get a tub that didn’t drain the water heater.

We decided that the bathroom layout was working, we wouldn’t need to move the plumbing. The tile floor, tub deck and shower were demolished. I also happily removed any trace of the decorating I did 25 years ago. I don’t think that style was coming back around! The vision for the new bathroom: a brighter look with a nod to “industrial” & “spa” styling.

If you had asked me if the plan would include grey tile, I would have stated without hesitation “not likely”. But it caught my eye at the tile store and I couldn’t get it out of my head! It has a cement look with molted finish that varies. And who doesn’t like the fun texture of a hexagon floor?

If you had asked our plan included a whirlpool; “Absolutely!” would have been answered just as quickly. I was given many warnings that whirlpools were out of fashion and the jets would never be used. My back ignored their warnings. I might have followed current trends with the gray color tile, but trends were not going to change my mind on my tub, my sanctuary.

What makes us Smile:

The Bigger Shower
We went with acrylic walls and a beautiful door. The highlight of the shower is the shower heads. I have had the SH-43.25 shower head for quite a few years now and since it is the best shower head I have ever used, I kept it. (California Faucets still has this head, but they have changed the nozzles to rubber.) When we want less pressure but a wider flow of water, the SH-162-10.FR 10″ Ultra-Thin shower head is a stress reducer! The HS-083.25 hand shower is solid brass and feels like it. The massage setting is perfect for rinsing the shower. I am not sure if my husband dances in the shower, but now he has the room to now.

The Perfect Whirlpool Tub
It is all about me, my husband is a shower only person. I knew I wanted whirlpool jets for my poor back that I tend to over use. And although I didn’t know it when I purchased the tub, I love foot massages! This tub (MTI Reflection 2 Ultra Whirlpool) has two whirlpool motors, two sets of jets. I can have one set of jets on or both sets on. The back jets have different massage modes. I love being in control of my massage! And I am glad I didn’t listen to the warnings. I have an in-line heater on the tub too, so I can be in there as long as I want. I use my tub all the time, my back and I are very happy with it!

My only regret, no hand shower with my tub filler. Rinsing the tub would be so much easier. Speaking of tub filler, California Faucets Descanso Works roman tub filler has industrial lever handles and a flow rate of 16 gpm. It doesn’t take long to fill my deep tub!

Towel Warmer
It is so wonderful to wrap yourself in a warm towel on a cold morning! It also dries the towels quickly, adds heat to the bathroom and looks great. Makes me wonder why every bathroom doesn’t have them! Artos Sirio S2133B

The Details
– The vanity was touched up, received a new top, new hardware & California Faucets Descanso Works single hole faucets. These faucets are very easy to control and the spout swivels. I have used California Faucets before so the quality and looks didn’t surprise me. They did receive lots of compliments from the installers though.
– The can lights were replaced with LED lights. This small change made a big difference, in looks as well as the amount of light. The light in the mirror reduces the shadows caused by the ceiling lighting. Sorry honey, no TV in the mirror.
– The gorgeous Whooping Crane & the Tundra Swan prints are by Amy Lee Sullivan Art + Illustration. They add a pop of color and modern styling that completes the room. I love them so much I have my eye on a third one for above the toilet.
– The cast iron ostrich spare toilet paper holder is a little thing, but it does make me smile too!

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