Neptune Rouge Freestanding Bath Collection

Double Slipper Tub with Modern Styling

Beautifully crafted freestanding tubs that are perfectly sized for a smaller bathroom. This collection of 8 acrylic bath tubs range in length from 58″ – 67″  and width 30″ – 32″. Compact in size but large in style. The Rouge collection includes a modern styled slotted overflow & toe-tap drain. Choose a soaking tub or add one of two air … Read more

Americh Brandon Freestanding Bathtub

Beautiful Oval Freestanding Bathtub

Brandon: A Majestic Bathtub Describes the Brandon Bathtub as Majestic. Dictionary definition of majestic: “large and impressively beautiful”. How accurate is the description? “Large” The Brandon is a nicely sized tub at 67″ x 37″ x 23″. The bathing area is 35″ x 22″ holding 16″ of water to bottom of overflow, 63 gallons. An overflow cover would … Read more

Alcove Bathtubs | New Tub Line

Modern Double Slipper Bath is very pleased to introduce our new tub line: Alcove “With a pure design focused on your total comfort, and a variety of versatile and aesthetic styles, Alcove products are specifically designed to fulfill all your needs for those special moments. So when you’re ready to take some time for yourself, your space will … Read more

Neptune Vapora

Freestanding Bath with End Drain

Beautiful Oval Bath with End Drain Freestanding or Drop-in – Each one offered in 3 sizes   60 x 36, 66 x 36 & 72 x 36 F1 – Modern 1-piece bath. Soaking or Air (1st picture) F2 – Transitional 2-piece construction. Soaking or Air (2nd picture) Drop-in – Will be at home in any setting. Soaking, … Read more

Microbubble Bathtub Hydrotherapy

Indulge tiny microbubbles

Indulge – Micro Bubble Therapy. Indulge, from Hydro Systems, is an innovative bathing therapy that infuses the water with millions of micro sized, oxygen rich molecules that help cleanse, heal and restore skin. It also helps relax the mind and body for the ultimate luxury bath experience! Sit, Relax & Escape. Indulge micro bubble system … Read more