Neptune Vapora

Beautiful Oval Bath with End Drain

Freestanding or Drop-in – Each one offered in 3 sizes

Vapora F1 freestandin bathtub Vapora F2 freestanding bathtub Vapora Drop-in Bathtub

60 x 36, 66 x 36 & 72 x 36

F1 – Modern 1-piece bath. Soaking or Air (1st picture)
F2 – Transitional 2-piece construction. Soaking or Air (2nd picture)
Drop-in – Will be at home in any setting. Soaking, Air or Whirlpool (3rd picture)

What I love about Vapora tub series:
• Neptune Quality
• End drain
– Not everyone wants a small (or even large – 72″) freestanding tub for 2.  With the drain at the end and only one slanting backrest, there is more leg length in the bath.
•  Wide rim for faucet installation (freestanding or drop-in)
– Not many freestanding tubs allow for a deck mount faucet, this will give you more faucet options.
•  Beautiful armrest designed to fit the style of the bath
–  Also helps me to keep my book out of the water!

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