Bob’s Freestanding Heated Soaking Tub

Larger Shower with Oval Freestanding Tub

A freestanding heated soaking tub was the answer to Bob’s bathroom issues. Their old master bathroom had a small shower and a corner tub. They really wanted a tub that could keep the water warm, but not have the loud whirlpool jet sound. Also, they wanted something larger than the old tub. So that they … Read more

Aquatica True Ofuro

True Ofuro in Black

Japanese Style Freestanding Bath Aquatica offers a series of 4 Japanese style freestanding solid surface baths. The Aquatica True Ofuro series is a unique, modern take on the traditional Japanese-style bathtub. They are made for seated soaking, so the design incorporates a built-in seat and a higher water depth. The interior ergonomics of these bathtubs … Read more

Hydro Systems Lido Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding Oval Bathtub with Straight Sides, Flat 1.5 Inch Rim

Introducing the Hydro Systems Lido freestanding bathtub. Balanced. Harmonious. Pure. All the elements that make the oval one of the most revered shapes in architecture are elevated in this modern silhouette. The Lido re-envisions the oval with an expanded 1.5-inch wide deck that gently dips downward into the tub, allowing for effortless entry and relaxation … Read more

Shower Floors Reimagined | Composite

Centrar Shower Base, Low Profile, Pizarra texture in Matte Gray

The MTI Cosmopolitan Collection debuted several months ago with an impressive line of freestanding baths and sinks, and the feedback has exceeded MTI’s expectations. A bath collection would not be complete without a complementary shower offering, and they are proud to introduce the Cosmopolitan Collection shower bases. MTI Baths Cosmopolitan Collection Shower Bases The Cosmopolitan … Read more

California Faucets | Best Value Award

Best Value Luxury Faucet | Winning Starcraft Logo

As the oldest and most respected reviewer of faucets, StarCraft Builders honors California Faucets “artisan hands, not mass-produced” philosophy. Why Is California Faucets the Best Value in Luxury? Per StarCraft Builders: “There are only a handful of the 250 or so faucet companies in our reviews that seem to do everything right. California Faucets is … Read more