Drop-in Japanese Style Air Bath

Japanese Style Bathtub with Steps, Open Shower Beside

This bathroom features a Japanese style air bath and shower in a wet room style niche. Lori chose an air bath to get a soft to vigorous skin caress, depending on her mood. To combat the fact that air tubs can cool down the water quickly, she added the Hydro Fusion pump and heater This … Read more

California Faucets Trousdale Series

Trousdale Widespread Sink Faucet with Column Design and Lever Handle

Trousdale Faucet Series from the Christopher Grubb collection is inspired by architectural columns. From ionic columns at the Parthenon to Doric columns at the Lincoln memorial, this faucet series infuses the faucets with the essence of these architectural masterpieces. Trousdale will bring a piece of architectural history in your home that will last the ages. … Read more

JettaRiver | Bathe in a Stream of Water

JettaRiver System Creates a Flow of Water

What Other Hydrotherapies Do For Your Muscles … JettaRiver Does For Your Mind. Introducing a smooth and flowing twist on hydrotherapy. JettaRiver offers a steady, gentle stream designed to soothe and relax the body and mind. It’s as if, in one blissful moment, the sounds and sensations of nature surround you – and all you have to do is sit and soak it in.

Traditional Wet Room Bathroom Design

Alcove tub (Americh Vivo) in a Tub Nook

I have seen many wet room designs that are large areas with modern styling. But Jennifer created a beautiful traditional wet room bathroom with a lot of attention to detail. One room houses the tub and a shower for 2. “The original floor plan was horrendous, with an underutilized and awkward corner closet, a tiny … Read more