Corner Bathtub Remodel

Black Corner Bathtub with Rock Tile
The MTI Deborah 2 is a small corner bath at 42 x 42. The perfect size for Lynell and her bathroom. Let’s take a look at the process:

Before Picture with Claw Foot Bath   Demolition
• The original bathroom was very traditional with a clawfoot tub/shower. Paneling for the walls & ceiling slope. Carpet on the floor and the long bench.
• Demolition down to the studs opened up the possibilities.

Tub and toilet placed
• Here things are starting to take shape as the bathroom is rebuilt. The toilet and tub locations are switched.  Drywall & flooring is in and the plumbing is stubbed out for the vanity. You can also see where the new windows will be placed.

Bathtub, Vanity and Toilet are Installed, Trim still needed
• A little further on in the remodeling, the wow factor started to surface. Lots of natural materials, from the increase in natural lighting to the stone tile and ceramic floors (with radiant heat beneath). In the area that once housed only a tub and toilet now has room for a double vanity. But the dual purpose of a tub/shower is gone. Let’s back up the camera a bit:

Side View of Glass and Tile Shower  Front View of Shower Showing Window
• Along the same wall as the bath is an upholstered bench, then a custom shower.

Couch Provides Bathroom SeatingDouble Vanity with 2 Drop-in Glass Sinks  Custom Tile Waste Basket & Tissue Holder
• The details throughout the bathroom make it a perfect oasis. Trim was added to the modern mirrors to make the style transitional. A scratching area was added to the side of the vanity so even the cats can enjoy the room.
• Lynell had fun with the left over tile and created the custom waste basket and tissue holder.

Corner Bathtub, Lots of Light and Rock Tile
Way to go Lynell, you jumped over difficult obstacles (long narrow room & slanted ceiling to name two). The result is a stylish, functional & timeless retreat.

Thanks much for sharing!

A small corner tub (MTI Deborah 2) fits this stylish bathroom perfectly plus it maintains water temperature & provides an air massage.

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  • Ell , Direct link to comment

    Beautiful ! Your bathroom looks fantastic!
    Would you recommend the Deborah tub?
    I love bathing and like the separate bath /shower .
    Is it to small or woyld you recommend a larger tub?
    Thanks ,

    • Koren , Direct link to comment

      Hi Lacee,
      This is the response I got from the home owner:
      “Here are my thoughts. After using the Deborah II tub now for several months, I can honestly say that it is a perfect size for me. But keep in mind that I am only 5’3″ tall. One of the things I did when I was shopping for a tub was to take the measurements of the Deborah II and mark it out on my hardwood floor with masking tape. The walls of this tub are almost vertical, not sloped, so I laid out my masking tape outline against a bedroom wall so that when I leaned against the wall I would be able to accurately mimic what it would be like to sit in that tub. Then I climbed inside my tape and sat down on the floor with my back against the wall. I wanted to make sure that my legs could stretch all the way out. They could! And I wanted to make sure that those vertical walls would not make it feel like I was sitting straight up and not relaxing. I also paid close attention to the depth, since I wanted to make sure that any tub I purchased could be filled to a height that would cover most of my body before reaching the overflow — making it a true soaking tub. The Deborah II is a perfect depth for soaking!

      One thing to consider with all the gigantic tubs on the market is the size of your water heater. Why buy an 80-gallon tub when you only have a 50-gallon water heater? At 55 gallons, the Deborah II is a perfect size. I turn my hot water all the way on and leave the cold water off. It takes exactly ten minutes to fill the tub. In that time I put on my favorite relaxing music CD, pour a glass of wine and light my candles. I paid extra to have an in-line heater installed in the Deborah II. It won’t increase the temperature of the water but it maintains the temperature for as long as you might want to soak. I can feel the water temperature increase slightly after the in-line heater has been on for about 20 minutes. And then it maintains that temperature beautifully. I am in my tub for almost exactly an hour — the length of my favorite bathing CD (Natural Massage, by Lifescapes). It is a perfect escape from my hectic life.

      I can’t say enough about the fabulous people at! Sales rep Koren Russell spent many weeks helping me pick out a tub that would fit in my 155-year-old farmhouse and meet all my requirements (black, air-jets, corner configuration, significant depth). She never expressed frustration about my incessant questions or seemingly impossible criteria. And she found me the PERFECT tub — at a great price! Even after the sale she was helpful. When I complained that motor noise from the jets/heater was so loud that it was drowning out my music, she went straight to the manufacturer to determine a solution. It turned out that my installer had failed to set the tub on a bed of thinset all the way across the plywood framing where the motor is, allowing for vibration that was amplified by the hollow space between the tub sides and the surround. Pushing rubber gasket material between the pump motor and the plywood framing, and then filling the dead airspace with fiberglass batting and Great Stuff spray-foam insulation (being careful not to get it near the pump impeller or any other moving parts) not only solved the noise problem but also helps keep the water warmer. Sorry this is so long but there is so much to consider when you make a major purchase like this. The Deborah II isn’t big going to be big enough for a 6-foot linebacker, but it is definitely big enough for me. I am an extremely happy customer!”

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