Aquatic DriftBath

DriftBath — Ultra Serene Bathing Experience

Dozens of low-profile water jets
Aquatic’s DriftBath system is a completely, new approach to luxury hydrotherapy
Offering builders and homeowners another option in addition to soaker, HotSoak, whirlpool and air bathtubs. Available on Aquatic Serenity and Serenity Studio models, DriftBath is ideal for the bather seeking simple and quiet hydrotherapy for floating away into restful relaxation.

The new system features more than 70 water-only ports located in the backrest and foot areas of the bathing well. Each port individually releases a delicate ribbon of moving water that converges to create a blanket of water that flows in one direction. The result is a soft current that simulates the experience of sitting in a calm stream.

In typical whirlpool system, a mixture of air and water is pushed into the bathing well generating a more active, invigorating or effervescent form of hydrotherapy. DriftBath eliminates air induction and minimizes the movement of the water for a quieter, more serene bath.

To add to the DriftBath experience, an integrated pump and motor unit captures the heat energy it generates and infuses it into the water. This energy-efficient feature eliminates the need for a separate, in-line heater to maintain the bath’s warmth. Additionally, water traveling around the motor mutes its operating sound and vibration.

DriftBath Difference

• Typical whirlpool and air bath systems use a mixture of air and water to create hydrotherapy action
• DriftBath delivers a more soothing, water-only experience. A soft current creates a blanket effect, rather than a vigorous swirl of air bubbles
Efficient and Quiet
• Heat generated by the motor is captured and used to keep water warm, eliminating the need for a separate inline heater
• Water flowing around the motor area dampens operating sounds and vibration
Thoughtful Details
• Thick Lucite, cast-acrylic construction offers the utmost in enduring beauty
• Four LED chromatherapy lights produce a full spectrum of high-intensity colors
• Electronic, one-touch control makes it easy to switch on power and adjust lighting

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