Quick Tub Fillers – Tub Faucets

Not all tub fillers are created equally.
The larger the tub the more important a tub faucet’s flow rate. Let’s take a 60 gallon tub. At 16 gpm (gallons per minute) at 60 psi (pounds per square inch – water pressure) it will take 3.75 minutes. Slow the faucet down to 7 gpm and you are almost 9 minutes. If you have a larger tub, let’s say 120 gallons, the difference between 16 & 7 gpm is 9 minutes. At that point the tub water is already cooling down. Read More …

Riobel Bathroom Faucets – Big on Style & Now Lower in Price

Riobel creates beautiful and sophisticated, high-performance faucets and shower systems.
Now with lower prices
Riobel’s new price list is lower in the majority of their items. In today’s economy this is definitely a rarity – top of the line company actually lowering prices. Add our sale discounts to the equation and the result is significant savings! Riobel offers faucets lines from modern to antique and a full line of faucets for the sink, tub and shower. Read More …