The Best Shower Drain You’ll Never See

California Faucets CeraLine Custom & StyleDrain Tile


StyleDrain Tile Shower Drain

The innovative shower drain allows for the inlay of any tile or stone for a seamless integration with the floor. California Faucets, makers of award-winning StyleDrain®, offers the ultimate in shower decor––StyleDrain Tile™.  Truly decorative shower drain allows for the inlay of any tile or stone to match surrounding flooring, thus creating the illusion of water disappearing into the floor. StyleDrain Tile displays a clean, minimalist appearance that harmoniously blends in with any tiled, decorative shower environment.

The barely detectable, all-brass tile frame is uniquely available in multiple decorative finishes, which subtly accent the periphery of any tile or stone. Artisan tile frame finishes include Polished Chrome, Polished Brass (PVD), Polished Nickel (PVD), Stainless Satin Nickel (PVD), and Blackened (PVD).  Suggested uses for StyleDrain Tile include any shower environment, wet room, patio, and atrium.

Adaptable to most mainstream drain bodies, installation of StyleDrain Tile is easy, and it is compatible with all waterproofing methods. StyleDrain Tile drains up to ten gallons of water per minute, while it creates a smooth, foot-friendly surface with no sharp edges. California Faucets also offers the StyleDrain in 7 more styles to transform a shower drain into a decorative accent.

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CeraLine Custom Channel Shower Drain

The decorative linear shower drain, which has for years been popular among the design-conscious in Europe and Asia, brings an elegant look to the shower floor that is streamlined and integrated.  And for a fine, integrated appearance that is nearly seamless, Custom Trim can be set with tile to match the flooring decor. CeraLine’s sleek, clean designs can be the eye-alluring focal point of the shower, or, when set with tile to match the floor, water seemingly vanishes without a trace.

Available in sizes that range from 32 inches to 52 inches, CeraLine is compatible with all common waterproofing systems. CeraLine Custom is offered in a Satin Stainless Steel or Blackened Stainless Steel finish & drains up to ten gallons of water per minute.

California Faucets also offers the Edge & Metro CeraLine Shower Drains. Metro Trim displays a less-is-more profile for a simple, graceful effect, while Edge Trim features an extra stainless steel veneer for a crisp, streamlined look.
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As with all California Faucets products, StyleDrain Tile & CeraLine Custom proudly carries the Made in CA designation.

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