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You know us as the tub experts, but did you know that we also carry kitchen sinks? Beautifully crafted Barclay sinks for your kitchen, bar or prep area.

White Fire Clay Farmhouse Sink

Barclay Farmer, Drop-in & Undermount Sinks

We have such a large selection that you will find the perfect size and style for your home. You can shop by material:

Fireclay Sinks

Crafted from solid, heavy duty fireclay, this sink from Barclay is sure to be a long lasting part of your home. Fire clay is known for its beauty, strength and durability. It is a specific type of clay that becomes a stone-like material during the firing process.

Its non-porous surface makes it highly resistant to heat, chipping, cracking and discoloring, as well as acid and most other solutions. Its stability during firing allows it to maintain a flat, waveless surface. The smoother surface allows for easy cleaning. Find farmhouse, drop-in and undermount sinks. Crisp, clean white or a soft bisque color. There are even sinks with fashion colors such as gray, cobalt and black.

Copper Farmhouse Sink with Smooth Front Apron

Copper Sinks

Infuse your kitchen with the rich, warm appeal of copper. Hand-crafted and hand-polished for optimal beauty, copper develops a lovely patina over time. Find smooth or hammered antique copper. The antique copper patina is applied by using an authentic French hot process which lends the ensemble an aura of distinguished elegance. This patina finish is applied hot and becomes fused with the copper making it more durable.

A copper sink is not only a work of art, but also possesses a natural ability to fight bacteria. Its antibacterial nature resists the growth of e-coli and many other common bacteria.

Double Bowl Stainless Steel Farm Sink with Recessed Band on Front Apron

Stainless Steel Sinks

Rejuvenate your kitchen with the brilliance of a durable, easy to maintain stainless steel sink. Barclay stainless steel kitchen sinks are constructed of 16 gauge metal with sound coating and pads to reduce noise. They have an easy care matte finish that will not rust. Stainless steel is very durable material and will retain is luster for years to come with the proper care. Find single and double bowl farmhouse sinks as well as under counter ones.

Not sure if you want copper, fireclay or stainless steel?

Shop by installation:

White Fireclay Farm Sink with a Smooth Apron

Farmhouse Sink

The ergonomic design of the farmhouse sink allows for a comfortable position when washing dishes or for food prep. The undermount design makes cleaning around the sink a breeze; messes wipe from the counter directly into the sink. Farmhouse sinks can provide a nostalgic appeal in fire clay or copper. But they can also work perfectly in a modern kitchen. Look for a stainless steel or a fireclay with simple lines. Copper looks great in a traditional setting or an industrial one.

White Fireclay Under Counter Sink

Undermount Sink

An undermount sink is more modern in styling than its drop-in counterpart. Cleaning around the sink a breeze, messes are wiped from the counter directly into the sink. The sink is held in place with clips and a bead of caulk fills in any gap between the counter and the sink. Barclay has undermount sinks in stainless steel, copper and fireclay.

White Fireclay Drop-in Sink

Drop-in Sink

Drop-in kitchen sinks provide a classic feel. A simple beauty. The sink will have a rim that overlaps the counter. This is why this type of sink is also referred to as self-rimming. It is the easiest style to install. Find drop-in sinks in fireclay or copper.

White Fireclay Undermount Prep Bar Sink

Bar – Prep Sinks

Complete your kitchen or bar with a handy fireclay, stainless steel or copper sink. Perfectly proportioned to be useful in a wide variety of prep-related tasks, these sinks will immediately be a cherished help behind the scenes. Find drop-in or under counter sinks. We even have the ultra modern trough sinks.

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