Freestanding Bathtubs with Color & Comfort.

Add color to your bathroom with these comfy freestanding tubs.  Wake up the room with a bold statement or add a subtle touch. Whether your style is modern or traditional you can find the perfect tub and color for your bathroom.

Believe Freestanding in Red
The Neptune Believe is a wonderful mix of old and new.  Choose a soaking bath or with air massage. Nuance colors: Red, Green, Black & Purple
Neptune Believe  (66 x 36 & 72 X 36)

Pedestal Bathtub in Black & White
There are 3 color areas on the MTI Melinda bath with pedestal base: (1)Pedestal (2)Skirt & (3)Tub – inside and rim. Choose any combination of 10 colors. You can also get the bath without the pedestal base. Choose an air tub or soaking bath.
Rolled Rim (pictured): Melinda 1 (71 x 35) –  Melinda 4 (66 x 35)
Tap Platform: Melinda 6 (71 x 36) –  Melinda 8 (66 x 35)

Modern Rectangle Freestanding Bath in Red
A modern statement in red, the Aquatic Serenity bath is offered in 2 sizes, end drain & center drain tubs. Choose a soaking bath or air in any of 10 colors.
End Drain (pictured): Soco 7242F (71″ x 42″ x 26″) – Soco 6636F (66″ x 36″)
Center Drain: Soco 7242CF (71″ x 42″) – Soco 6636CF (66″ x 36″)

Marshall Double Slipper in Basin Blue
Customize your new bathtub with a vibrant color from the palette of Sherwin Williams durable Protective Marine Paint.  Barclay will custom paint the exterior of your cast iron or acrylic tub with the color of your choice. Be bold or be subtle.  Sherwin Williams offers an array of fabulous hues to personalize your bathroom decor.  Choose from over 200 soaking tubs in various sizes and styles: Barclay Tubs

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  • Jeanne Welch , Direct link to comment

    Love all the color! We even add an almost endless selection of colors for our claw feet on our freestanding Melinda 10! Thanks for these features!

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