Bathroom Industrial Design

California Faucets Steampunk Bay Sink Faucet

Modern Style the Old-Fashioned Way Industrial style takes a bit of the old and mixes it with a new sleekness. Wikipedia states “Industrial style or industrial chic refers to an aesthetic trend in interior design that takes clues from old factories and industrial spaces that in recent years have been converted to lofts and other … Read more

Direct Drain Bathtub | Outlet Below the Bath

Drain Connects Through Floor Under the Tub

Bathtubs with outlet below the drain Direct drain allows the p-trap to be attached directly below the tub outlet. Water drains directly from the tub drain to the p-trap: A standard tub drain has the outlet below the overflow pipe. Water drains from the tub to the overflow pipe, then into p-trap.

Brawn Can Be Beautiful! Freestanding Jet Tubs

Rectangle Freestanding Tub with Curving Sides

A freestanding tub can be both beautiful and have the luxurious massage of powerful whirlpool jets! The curving sides and flat rim of the Reward Freestanding Bath add a modern flair. Curving armrests and lumbar support supply comfort for the bather, or bathers. A side-center drain and two slanting backrest give the option of two … Read more

Neptune Rouge Freestanding Bath Collection

Double Slipper Tub with Modern Styling

Beautifully crafted freestanding tubs that are perfectly sized for a smaller bathroom. This collection of 8 acrylic bath tubs range in length from 58″ – 67″  and width 30″ – 32″. Compact in size but large in style. The Rouge collection includes a modern styled slotted overflow & toe-tap drain. Choose a soaking tub or add one of two air … Read more