Freestanding Micro Bubble Baths

Millions of micro bubbles

Freestanding micro bubble baths provide a quiet spa experience to relax the body and mind while rejuvenating your skin. Enjoy a soak in one of the Revive Hydrotherapy baths and love it even more when you realize how much the extra oxygen benefits you. This revolutionary system increases oxygen levels in the water up to … Read more

JettaRiver | Bathe in a Stream of Water

JettaRiver System Creates a Flow of Water

What Other Hydrotherapies Do For Your Muscles … JettaRiver Does For Your Mind. Introducing a smooth and flowing twist on hydrotherapy. JettaRiver offers a steady, gentle stream designed to soothe and relax the body and mind. It’s as if, in one blissful moment, the sounds and sensations of nature surround you – and all you have to do is sit and soak it in.

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Freestanding Bath

Solid Surface Double Slipper with Thin Modern Rim

Searches for ‘freestanding bath’ and ‘slipper bath’ increased by 228% and 237% respectively in the last year according to Houzz. People are expecting more from bath spaces, and freestanding bathtubs provide visual interest and a spa-like, blissful retreat. While the kitchen has long been the most expensive room in the American home, recent analysis by … Read more

MTI DoloMatte: A Revolutionary Solid-Surface

Rectangle Freestanding Tub with Curving Sides

An innovative solid-surface tub & shower material exclusive to MTI. MTI Baths is proud to introduce DoloMatte™. This is a cutting-edge true solid-surface material that is luxuriously beautiful, incredibly strong and velvety-soft to the touch. With an exquisite matte finish and inviting tactile experience. DoloMatte opens exciting new doors of design possibility. MTI’s DoloMatte™ begins … Read more

New Aquatica Freestanding Tubs

Double Slipper Bath with White Interior and Cold Exterior

Explore the new freestanding tubs from Aquatica. Find acrylic and solid surface tubs in a variety of styles and sizes. Purescape 171 is now available in a stunning gold metallic exterior with a matte white rim and interior. This Italian designed 72″ x 39″ double slipper can also be found in White, Black or Black … Read more