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20 Year Anniversary

Neptune Tonic Bathtub

Water & Air

Tonic Massage System Combines Water and Warm Air to Immerse the Body in Comforting Effervescence
Relaxing, yet energizing, each session is like a wonderful, embracing caress of micro bubbles for the whole body. The Tonic system is the perfect synergy of water and warm air. Eight Oxygen jets built-in to the bathtub’s contour ensure an optimal blend of water and warm air to produce thousands of micro bubbles that surround the body from head to toe. Safe and quiet, Tonic also provides preprogrammed sessions for an absolutely relaxing experience. Plus, every Tonic system comes with Chromotherapy lighting and a built-in in water heater to maintain the water temperature. Video- See Neptune Tonic System in Action →

Tonic Features

Built-in Chromotherapy
For the complete Tonic experience, Produits Neptune adds four Chromotherapy lights to the vertical contour of the bathtub. Built-in water heater The Tonic experience is enhanced as water temperature is maintained throughout the massage. Relax in absolute comfort. Safety
Secura suction, built-in to the vertical contour of the bathtub, makes the system perfectly safe for the whole family. If obstructed, the system self-regulates or stops automatically.
Perfectly Hygienic
The configuration of conduits and injectors allows the system to completely drain after use. Thanks to non-return valves in each injector, no water enters the tubing, preventing the formation of bacteria in the system. Twenty minutes after the massage, a drying cycle activates to clean and dry all the conduits. Performance and silence
Powerful sound-proofed pump and blower with efficiently designed jets ensure a most energizing experience.
Control Built-in to the shell of the bathtub
Backlit with tactile interface
Easy start-up
Designed to fit the style of the bathtub
Electronic Control Pads:
Tonic Controls
Tonic Jets
Tonic System Pictured in the Believe Bath

Neptune Tonic System Location in the Believe Bath

Neptune Tubs offering Tonic

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