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Oval Freestanding Tub with Overlapping Rim, Curving Sides
Hydro Massage Catalina tubs are available in end drain and center drain styles. Pictured above is the center drain with two reclining back rests. This oval tub has a bold rim and sides that curve toward the bottom of the tub. Below is the end drain style with one reclining backrest. The sides are more angular but it still has the bold, exposed rim.
Oval Freestanding Tub with Overlapping Rim, Angled Sides

Each style of tub has 3 sizes so you can have the perfect one for your bathroom. Each Catalina tub can be jetted for an air system or a whirlpool jets. You can also choose a heated soaking tub or the Catalina would be perfect for a soaking bathtub.
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Click size below for more information. All the tubs in this series are available a a soaking tub.

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Hydro Massage Products
Hydro Massage Promise: The craftsman that create each bath stand behind their work. Each tub is built to exacting standards and goes through a 30 point quality control checklist. All products are fully covered by their warranty and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Back that with their Limited Lifetime warranty on the shell, surface, pumps and blower, you have a bathing experience that will last! All without leaving the comfort of your home.

Sooth Soak | Heated Soaking Bath
Whisper Flo Heat Pump will gently circulate warm water to increase circulation, soothe tired muscles and joints, and enhance relaxation. This system will insure that your bath is always hot and enjoyable. Lean your head back on the cushion pillow and escape in the simplicity of a soothing soak.

Air Massage | Air Jets
The first time you feel the air bubbles hitting your tired, weary body, you'll get it. Air massage creates a full body massage that will erase fatigue, stress, aches and pains. Air tubs are know for cooling the bath water quickly. Hydro Massage offers many ways to keep your air bath warm: Warmed Backrest, Whisper Flo Heat Pump, Stay Hot Eco Bond Thermal Insulation and Cozy Heated Backrest.

Whirlpool | Water Jets
Hydrotherapy rejuvenates. Relaxed and be at ease in a Hydro Massage whirlpool bath. Sink into bliss as powerful water jets soothe your tired body, whisking away the worries and cares of the day. Whirlpools are offered in multiple series. Each of these series offer powerful jets, a trademark of Hydro Massage. Look at the technical sheets to see the features and number of jets.

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