Ella Walk-in Bathtub Options

Walk-in Tub Heated Seats, Faucets, Pillows

Personalize your Ella Walk-in Tub with accessories. Choose heated seat and backrest, faucets, cushions and even a shower screen. Use the links below to learn more.

Heated Seat & Backrest

Heated Backrest & Seat
Advanced radiant heaters provide soothing comfort directly to the seat and backrest so you can be sure to remain comfortable and warm while your walk-in bathtub fills. A simple to operate easy to reach push button on/off switch comes installed when this option is selected. On the Dual Massage tubs it will be on the digital controls. This system uses less energy than a standard light bulb and is UL listed.
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Heated Seat & Backrest (one seat)
List Price: $677.00


Headrest dimensions: 12" x 15" x 5"
Bracket dimensions: 9" x 13.5" x 6.5"
The Ella Walk In Bathtub Headrest can be wall or deck mounted and is made for usage with any bathtub or walk in bathtub. The included suction cups allow fast placement of the bathtub headrest to the bathroom wall or the deck of the bathtub. The Ella Bathtub Headrest is made from a marine vinyl cover and removable mildew inhibiting polyester material, this means that all the materials inside will not absorb moisture and will not support mold or mildew. The bathtub headrest is very comfortable at 5" thick and its contents are very plush. The bracket allows the headrest pillow to be placed at the desired position by attaching it to the surface with 5 large suction cups. The headrest itself also has 4 suction cups which allows the placement of the pillow anywhere on the wall to achieve the maximum comfort for the bather. Pillow material: Marine vinyl cover, polyester stuffing, clear plastic suction cups.

Headrest Pillow with Bracket
List Price: $132.00

4 Fold Shower Screen

A convenient alternative to regular shower curtains specifically designed and sized to fit on walk-in bathtubs in tight alcove opening or corner installs. This Euro-style semi-frameless 4-fold shower screen gives an airy open feeling with the option to push the screen aside quickly and easily. The sturdy construction of 1/8" thick lightweight glass secured in anodized aluminum frames enables smooth door operation with equipped high quality geared hinges strong enough to endure rigorous daily use. A full-length flexible rubber gasket is inserted on the bottom to ensure secure soft closure on the top of the deck and to retain the water back into the tub.
- Tempered clear glass, ionized aluminum frame in chrome finish
- Durable PVC geared hinges
- Rubber gasket angled inward for water retention and bottom seal
- Reversible left or right installation option of the door
- Perfect for walk-in bathtubs in alcove or corner installation options
- Rustproof polished ionized aluminum frame in chrome finish
- Horizontal out of plumb adjustment
- Four panels fold from 44" to 12"
- Can be converted to a three fold after removing a section
PDF DownloadInstallation

WBGS4442 List Price: $468.00

Rain Shower Head

This modern and beautiful complete shower kit features a chrome column that holds a large overhead rain shower, as well as an adjustable slider that allows you to select the best height to place the handheld Shower Head unit. This shower kit replaces the need for a wall-mounted Shower Head, allowing you to have a dual shower system that includes a luxurious overhead rain shower and a powerful handheld Shower Head. Please note, the 2 shower heads cannot spray simultaneously and for added safety, the shower rail is anchored to the wall with screws. Immerse yourself in a truly relaxing shower experience and enjoy the modern style of this beautifully designed shower column.
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List Price $721.00 (Ships with tub)
- Does Not Include Faucets
- For Use with Ella 5 Piece or 2 Piece Tub Faucet
(not with Thermostatic, Huntington or Jadon)

Ella 5 Piece Fast Fill Faucet

Optional Faucet
5 Piece Roman Tub Set
- Chrome finish for long lasting use and resistance to corrosion
- Flexible 5' stainless-steel hose for your convenience
- 3 water flow settings for hand shower mixer
- Ergonomically designed pull-out hand mixer for easier handling
- Two (2) ¾" in. braided stainless-steel supply lines included
- Easy turn levers for diverter and hot/cold levers
- Sleek design large full body brass spout in chrome finish
- Up to 18GPM flow rate base on in-home plumbing conditions
(Please note that flow rates depend on household water pressure.)
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet

Ella 2 Piece Faucet

Optional Faucet
2 Piece Tub Set with Hand Shower
- 3/4" Valve, 3/4" Ports
- Ceramic Disc Cartridges
- 2 Stainless Steel Braided Supply Lines (5ft.)
- Up to 18 GPM (Average) @ 60 PSI
(Please note that flow rates depend on household water pressure.)
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet

Huntington Brass Tub Filler

Optional Faucet
5 Piece Roman Tub Set
- Jewel Arched Solid Brass Spout
- ¾" Valve, ¾" Ports
- Ceramic Disc Cartridges
- Quick Connect Spout Installation
- NPS Connections
- 18 GPM (Average) @ 60 PSI
(Please note that flow rates depend on household water pressure.)
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet

Jandon Chrome Tub Faucet

Optional Faucet
Traditional Tub Faucet Set
- ½ Valves
- Matching finish hand-held shower
- 80" metal flexible hose
- High flow rate 1/4 turn ceramic cartridges
- Solid brass waterway construction
- Flow rate 14 - 16 GPM
- Hand-held shower flow rate: 2.5gpm @ 80psi
(Please note that flow rates depend on household water pressure.)
- 100% pressure system tested
- Lifetime limited warranty
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet

E8209C: List Price $112.00*
* Upgrade to faucet that comes with the tub
- No Supply Lines


Optional on Whirlpools, Air and Combination Tubs
(Not offered with Micro Bubble only)
Scented Oil System
Ella's easy to use aromatherapy system can help you relax and recuperate. Relaxation can be induced by all five senses, especially smell. This is why we offer this feature as an option on any of our tubs with our hydro jet system. The aromatherapy system works by infusing oil into the hydro jet lines and fills your tub with the decadent scent that you have chosen creating a pleasant aroma for you to enjoy and relax in.
Aromatherapy Option $260.00 (List Price)

LED Light

Optional on Whirlpools, Air, Micro Bubble and Combo Tubs
(Included on most Dual Systems)
Underwater Lighting
LED Chromotherapy includes an LED light and an easy to use on/off push control. The LED light cycles through various colors and illuminates the entire water for a beautiful and soothing experience. Color has often been used in the past as treatment for illnesses. Since 1876, people used light waves to rid the mind and body of ailments and this is what is referred to as Chromotherapy. It is believed that each color has a different healing property. The included push control allows you to control the LED light, you can choose to have it cycle through a spectrum of colors or you can manually cycle it to your favorite color and have it hold there.
Chromotherapy Option $260.00 (List Price)
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