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Ella Lounger Walk-in Bathtub

26.75" W x 59" L x 43" H | Soaking, Whirlpool, Air or Micro Bubble Tub

The Ella Lounger walk in tub is available as a soaking tub, hydro whirlpool, air bath, micro bubble bathtub or combination of tub systems. Newly designed this outward swing door walk-in tub is a narrow and long walk in bathtub which allows the bather to stretch out while bathing. Don't be deceived by the 26" width. This walk-in tub is designed with slimmer walls to accommodate a longer, standard width seat for extra thigh support. If you want to save space in your bathroom and want to maximize on comfort this Ella Lounger walk-in tub is for you
Walk-in Tub with Swing Out Door, Ella FaucetsWhirlpool & Air Jets, HB Faucet UpgradeDual Drain with Two Overflows

Lounger Acrylic Walk In Bath | Swing Out Door

• 26.75" W x 59" L x 43" H
• Water Capacity | 90 gal. US (unoccupied) | 55-75 gal. US (occupied)
• Approx. Drain Time: 2 minutes (unoccupied)
• Approx. Fill Time: 14 minutes (unoccupied)
• Stainless Steel Frame
• Adjustable Leveling Legs
• Low threshold step in 7"
• Seat: 20.75" W x 17" H
• High impact resistant PC plastic door
• Wall mount safety grab bar
• Reversible End Panel
• 3 removable access panels
• Two 2" floor drains
• Ella Chrome Five-Piece Faucet
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Right or Left Drain Walk in Bathtub

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  • Lounger Soaking Tub
    • No Jets
    • Ella's Tub Filler

    #OA2660-L Left Drain
    #OA2660-R Right Drain

    List Price: $5488.00
    MSRP: $3658.00

    PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet
    Shipping Weight: 200#
  • Lounger MicroBubble
    • Micro Bubbles
    • Ella's Tub Filler

    #OA2660M-L Left Drain
    #OA2660M-R Right Drain

    List Price: $7363.00
    MSRP: $4908.00

    PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet
    Shipping Weight: 250#
  • Lounger Hydro
    • Water Jets & Inline Heater
    • Ella's Tub Filler

    #OA2660H-L Left Drain
    #OA2660H-R Right Drain

    List Price: $6120.00
    MSRP: $4080.00

    PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet
    Shipping Weight: 300#
  • Lounger Air
    • Air Jets
    • Ella's Tub Filler

    #OA2660A-L Left Drain
    #OA2660A-R Right Drain

    List Price: $6538.00
    MSRP: $4358.00

    PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet
    Shipping Weight: 350#
Lounger Combination Tub

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  • Lounger Dual Massage
    • Water Jets & Inline Heater
    • Air Jets
    • Ella's Tub Filler

    #OA2660D-L Left Drain
    #OA2660D-R Right Drain

    List Price: $7975.00
    MSRP: $5317.00

    PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet
    Shipping Weight: 380#
    • Digital Control
    • LED Light
    • Ozone
  • Lounger Hydro + MicroBubble
    • Water Jets & Inline Heater
    • Micro Bubbles
    • Ella's Tub Filler

    #OA2660HM-L Left Drain
    Right Drain

    List Price: $7995.00
    MSRP: $5330.00

    PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet
    Shipping Weight: 350#
  • Lounger Air + MicroBubble
    • Air Jets
    • Micro Bubbles
    • Ella's Tub Filler

    #OA2660AM-L Left Drain
    Right Drain

    List Price: $8413.00
    MSRP: $5608.00

    PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet
    Shipping Weight: 350#
  • Lounger Dual + Micro
    • Water Jets
    • Air Jets
    • Micro Bubbles
    • Ella's Tub Filler

    #OA2660DM-L Left Drain
    #OA2660DM-R Right Drain

    List Price: $9975.00
    MSRP: $6650.00

    PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet
    Shipping Weight: 380#

Ella's Walk-in Tub Accessories
  • Heated Seat & Backrest
    Control for Heated Surface
    Seat & Backrest Heater + Control Box

    List Price: $622.00
    Sale Price: $415.00

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  • LED, Aroma & Ozone
    Underwater LED Light
    * Hydro (whirlpool) Option Only

    List Price $700.00
    Sale Price: $467.00

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  • HB Tub Filler
    5 Piece Roman Tub Set
    Faucet Upgrade

    List Price: $700.00
    Sale Price: $467.00

    More Information →
  • Jandon Tub Filler
    Traditional Tub Faucet Set
    Faucet Upgrade

    List Price $600.00
    Sale Price: $400.00

    More Information →
  • Headrest
    Headrest Wall Mounted with Suction Cups
    Vinyl Head Cushion

    List Price $127.80
    Sale Price: $85.00

    More Information →
  • Seat Cushion
    Bisque Seat Riser
    Thickness Options:

    Sale Price:
    • 3" | $120.00
    • 4" | $160.80
    • 5" | $176.88
    • 6" | $192.96
    • 7" | $209.04
    • 8" | $255.12

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Ella's Bubbles Lounger Features:
Bathtub Features:
• Stainless Steel Frame
• Low threshold step in 7"
• Seat: 20.75" W x 17" H
• Two (2) front and one (1) side removable access panels
Outward swinging door has 3 latches
Outward swing door
The door material is made of PC which is a strong plastic that has high impact resistance. It is the same material used in bullet proofing. This makes it extra durable against the heavy water pressure. Each door comes with three latches to resist the water pressure pushing on the door and it comes with water proof seal. These combine to make a leak proof door that makes for peace of mind.
Quick Drain
Equipped with two 2" drains, two overflows, and two stainless steel operated openers, instead of one 1 ½" bathtub drain and a single overflow. Each dial-style drain opener has an ADA compatible extension handle for easier gripping and turning, specifically designed for bathers with weaker hands. Both 2" drains are supplied with custom designed PVC elbow connectors, allowing for easy T connection to the 1 ½" house drain. This unique assembly of two 2" gravity drains and two overflows connected into standard 1 ½" house drain allows for air pocket relief, ensuring fast gravity draining in approximately 80 seconds (with ideal plumbing conditions.)
Quality Acrylic Bathtub
Ella acrylic walk in baths are constructed of the highest grade cast white acrylic, with an easy to clean gloss finish that is reinforced with fiberglass. The shell is supported by a stainless steel frame and leveling legs for ease and durability during installation. The supporting frame as well as the Toe Kick Access Panel allow for simple above the floor drain installation, convenient access to the underside of the tub, and the ability to lower the threshold for easier step in access.
- High Quality 5 mm Cast Acrylic Grade A
- Excellent Color Uniformity
- High Gloss White Finish
- Fiberglass Reinforced

Ella Faucet Five-Piece Set with Chrome Finish
5 Piece Roman Tub Set with Round Styling
- Thermostatic control valve with integrated check valve
- Designer spout
- Two (2) 2-way diverters with ADA compliant handles
- Pull out hand held shower with 5' Retractable stainless steel hose
- Two (2) x 4' long stainless steel braided water supply lines with 1/2" IPS connectors
- 8 GPM
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Ella's Bath Systems:
Hydro Massage
Hydro jets provide a deep massage.
- 9 therapeutic hydro massage jets, 5 fixed and 4 adjustable
- Air flow regulator for adjustable hydro massage
- 5 AMP Pump
- ON/OFF push control
- In-line water heater

• Air
Air bubbles provide a gentle massage.
- 14 therapeutic air massage jets with black flow valve
- Variable Speed Pump with Auto Purge
- 4.5 AMP

• Micro Bubble
Micro Bubble Therapy
Micro Bubble Therapy is a process of infusing the pressurized water with billions of micro sized, oxygen rich bubbles. These bubbles will transform your bath into a soothing cloud of silky smooth water that will help to moisturize, soften, restore and exfoliate your skin.

• Dual Massage Features
The Dual Massage adds air and water jets for luxurious therapy.
Whirlpool & Air Jets
The Ella Lounger dual massage walk in bathtub features 23 strategically positioned air and hydro jets, complemented by an in-line water heater, Ozone Sterilization System, anti-scald thermostatic control valve, LED multiple color Chromotherapy light (with ON/OFF push control), and flow rate control for hydro massage. Designer chrome fixtures and user friendly controls put the finishing touch on this relaxing and therapeutic bathing experience. Digital controls. Shown with Huntington Brass Faucet Upgrade
Digital Control

Ella Walk-in Bath Video →

Ella's Bubbles Walk-in Tub Accessories
• Heated Seat & Backrest
ThermoTub® is a surface heating system for Ella Acrylic Walk In Tubs. ThermoTub's advanced radiant heaters provide soothing comfort directly to the surface of the bathtub or shower which allow for a heated seat and backrest. With its warm touch, ThermoTub delivers the ultimate in comfort, relaxation, and health benefits.
This system uses less energy than a standard light bulb and is UL listed for the US & Canada.
Control for Heated Surface
- Ergonomic electronic push button
- Water splash resistant housing
- Attractive LED "heatwave" display
PDF DownloadTechnical

• Headrest Headrest dimensions: 12" x 15" x 5"
Bracket dimensions: 9" x 13.5" x 6.5"
The Ella Walk In Bathtub Headrest can be wall or deck mounted and is made for usage with any bathtub or walk in bathtub. The included suction cups allow fast placement of the bathtub headrest to the bathroom wall or the deck of the bathtub. The Ella Bathtub Headrest is made from a marine vinyl cover and removable mildew inhibiting polyester material, this means that all the materials inside will not absorb moisture and will not support mold or mildew. The bathtub headrest is very comfortable at 5" thick and its contents are very plush. The bracket allows the headrest pillow to be placed at the desired position by attaching it to the surface with 5 large suction cups. The headrest itself also has 4 suction cups which allows the placement of the pillow anywhere on the wall to achieve the maximum comfort for the bather. Pillow material: Marine vinyl cover, polyester stuffing, clear plastic suction cups.

• Seat Pillow/Cushion
Cusions are offered in Tan and Gray
Bisque with Bisque Trim or Gray with White Trim
Vinyl coated polyester (moisture, mold and mildew resistant) with polyester stuffing
Seat Riser by Thickness
- 3" | 1.5" Compressed
- 4" | 2.5" Compressed
- 5" | 3.5" Compressed
- 6" | 4.5" Compressed
- 7" | 5.5" Compressed
- 8" | 6.5" Compressed

• Huntington Brass Tub Filler
5 Piece Roman Tub Set
- Jewel Arched Solid Brass Spout
- ¾" Valve, ¾" Ports
- Ceramic Disc Cartridges
- Quick Connect Spout Installation
- NPS Connections
- 18 GPM (Average) @ 60 PSI
(Please note that flow rates depend on household water pressure.)
PDF DownloadTechnical

• Jandon Chrome Tub Faucet
Traditional Tub Faucet Set
- ½ Valves
- Matching finish hand-held shower
- 80" metal flexible hose
- High flow rate 1/4 turn ceramic cartridges
- Solid brass waterway construction
- Flow rate 14 - 16 GPM
- Hand-held shower flow rate: 2.5gpm @ 80psi
(Please note that flow rates depend on household water pressure.)
- 100% pressure system tested
- Lifetime limited warranty
PDF DownloadTechnical

• LED, Aroma & Ozone
Hydro (whirlpool) Option Only
Underwater LED Light
- LED Underwater Lighting
Chromotherapy is another way to increase your relaxation during a bath.
- Ozone
When you run the hydro jets ozone sterilization will turn on automatically. Ozone sterilization is the process of sterilizing all of the jets and hoses to prevent mold and mildew. It won't replace cleaning your walk in tub completely, but it does go a long way in disinfecting hard to reach areas.
Sented Oils for Your Bath
- Aroma
Aromatherapy system works by untwisting the cap and adding your favorite scent. Once it is turned on, the water is diffused and injected into the air, creating a pleasant aroma all around your tub.
Ella Warranty
- Lifetime limited warranty on frame, door, door seal gasket and acrylic walk in tub shell
- 5 Year parts warranty
- More Warranty Information →

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