Ella Lay Down 3272 Walk-In Bathtub

72" x 32" x 21.25" | Whirlpool or Air Bath

The Ella Lay Down walk-in tub has the feel and comfort of a regular bathtub with the safety of a walk-in tub. With an inward swing door and low threshold, it is the perfect safety replacement for the standard tub and shower. The door swings into the bath leaving a 4 3/8" threshold to step into the tub. Close the door and either shower or bath in a tub with a wide, flat floor space. Specifically engineered side walls allow you to stand closer to the wall of the tub. This greatly reduces the chances of slipping when standing in, showering, and entering or exiting the tub. A 2" gravity driven drain ensures quick drain times vs. the standard 1 ½" drain typically used, so that you can exit the tub quickly. The Ella Lay Down acrylic walk in bathtubs are available in one of the following jet options: Hydro or Air.

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Rectangle Tub with a Walk-in Door, Centered Front
Rectangle Tub with a Walk-in Door, Centered Front 8 Water Jet Whirlpool, 4 Back Jets Laydown Walk-in Tub with 20 Bottom Air Jets Close-up of Walk-in Door LatchedOptional Shower Screen for Tub & Shower

Lay Down 3272 Acrylic Walk In Bath | Swing-in Door

• 72" W x 32" L x 21.25" H
• Water Capacity: 83 gal
• Acrylic Tub Shell
• Stainless Steel Frame with Adjustable Leveling Legs
• Inward Swing Glass Door Inward Swing Door
• Clear Tempered Glass with Brushed Finish Aluminum Door Frame
• Removable Front Apron
• Reversible end panel
• 2" Brass Drain with Overflow
• Optional Shower Screen
Right or Left Drain Walk in Bathtub

Lay Down 3272 Soaking, Whirlpool, Micro Bubble or Air Tub

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Ella's Bubbles Lay Down Features:
Quality Acrylic Bathtub
Ella acrylic walk in baths are constructed of the highest grade cast white acrylic, with an easy to clean gloss finish that is reinforced with fiberglass. The shell is supported by a stainless steel frame and leveling legs for ease and durability during installation. The supporting frame allows for simple above the floor drain installation and convenient access to the underside of the tub.

Removable front apron for easy access. End panel can be used on the right or the left.

Tile Edge Installation
This acrylic bathtub does not include a tile flange, therefore Ella's Bubbles recommends using the following:American Standard Tile Flange 9FLNG
Tub with Shower Screen

2 Faucet Choices:
Ella Faucet Five-Piece Set with Chrome Finish
5 Piece Roman Tub Set with Hand Shower
- Chrome finish for long lasting use and resistance to corrosion
- Flexible 5’ stainless-steel hose for your convenience
- 3 water flow settings for hand shower mixer
- Ergonomically designed pull-out hand mixer for easier handling
- Two (2) ¾’ in. braided stainless-steel supply lines included
- Easy turn levers for diverter and hot/cold levers
- Sleek design large full body brass spout in chrome finish
- Up to 18GPM flow rate based on in-home plumbing conditions
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Ella Faucet Two-Piece Set
2 Piece Roman Tub Set with Hand Shower
The Ella 2 Piece Fast Fill Roman Tub Faucet with pull out multi-function hand shower is perfect for your walk in bathtub or any bathtub where fill time matters. The fast fill 2 piece fills at a rate of 18 GPM (gallons per minute) based on in house plumbing conditions. If desired, the pull out hand shower can be used for shower while the bathtub is filled to stay warm.
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The Ella Walk In Tubs has strategically placed hydro jets to increase your relaxation. Hydro massage jetting is similar to a more traditional whirlpool tub in functionality and effect. The intensity air flow regulator allows the user to control the strength at which the water exits the jets. This makes it easier to get the perfect massage that caters to your body's needs.
- Hydro Massage Pump
- Hydro Massage Intensity Dial Control
- In-line Water Heater
- Ozone Sterilization
- 9 jets
- On/Off Push Control
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Air Jets
The Ella Walk In Tubs offers 3 variable speed air massage settings. The air jets are strategically placed through out the tub. Since it is only blowing air out, the pressure is less intense than the hydro jets. This allows for a much gentler massage that can be perfect more sensitive joints and muscles. In addition our air massage system includes auto-purge to automatically blow clean water out the air system after the bathing is done.
- Air Massage Pump
- 3 Speed Pump
- Auto-purge (Activates 20 minutes after pump shutdown)
- 24 jets
- On/Off push control
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Ella's Lay-Down Accessories
Tub with Shower Screen
List Price: $832.00

• 57 5/8" tall x 38.13 wide
Ella 60" x 30" Lay Down Walk-in →
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