Ella Ibiza Freestanding Tub

70" x 33.5" x 32" | Infusion MicroBubble Bath

With elegant looks, the Ella freestanding acrylic oval bathtub is equipped with a unique Infusion Microbubble Therapy. It transforms your bathroom into a personal spa by infusing the pressurized water with billions of micro sized, oxygen rich bubbles. These bubbles whirl around your body to help you rest and unwind. Feel your muscles release built up tension as billions of tiny bubbles burst to help clean and hydrate your skin. Sit back and relax as your bath will transform into a soothing cloud of tiny bubbles that help to moisturize, soften, restore and exfoliate your skin. Relax comfortably with the classic slipper design in a durable acrylic tub constructed. The bathtub includes waste and overflow and holds up to 75 gallons (unoccupied) of water for a spa like experience.
Freestanding Slipper BathIbiza Side View, Raised Backrest, Slotted OverflowIbiza Top View, End Drain, Lighting and Infusion System

Ibiza MicroBubble Bath

Tub Size: 70.87" x 33.46" x 31.5"
(1800 x 850 x 800 mm)
Water Depth: 16.97"
Net Weight: 176 lbs.
Water Capacity: 75 gal

Acrylic Tub Shell
- Gloss White Finish
- Fiberglass Reinforced
Chrome Slotted Overflow with Toe Tap Drain
Infusion Microbubble Bath System
LED Lighting
5 year warranty on tub shell, frame and parts
Ibiza Freestanding Bath
List Price: $3590.00
Sale Price: $2793.00

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Right or Left Drain Configuration
Ibiza Right or Left Drain
Ibiza comes in a left or right drain version. The system components (port, suction cover and lights) will be on the back wall of the tub. Click on the above picture to enlarge.

Infusion Microbubble System
Chrome Slotted Overflow with Toe Tap Drain
- Microbubble Port
- Suction Cover
- LED Chromatherapy Light
- Electronic Controls
Chrome Slotted Overflow with Toe Tap Drain
- Toe Tap Drain with Slotted Chrome Overflow
  1 1/4" brass pop up floor drain
    Flexible PVC drain

- 10AMP 1200W
- 1HP Pump
- Pressure Vessel
- Agitator Valve
- Access to system from bottom of the bath

Electrical Requirements:
One (1) dedicated 120V electrical line
- 15AMP GFCI standard three prong outlet

Infusion™ MicroBubble Therapy uses a U.S. patented liquid thin film device to saturate the water with up to 50% more dissolved oxygen than regular water alone. These MicroBubbles clean out all of the dirt and waste products in your skin. There are no cleansing chemicals involved so it is a safe and soothing experience. This process will moisturize your skin making it feel silky and smooth right out of the bath. The stimulation of the epidermal layer of your skin can also promote restfulness and the release of muscle tension. Our partner NuWhirl, sponsored a third-party laboratory to conduct an experiment on the effects of MicroBubble Therapy. Test results showed that 100% of test participants had improved hydration and moisture content in the upper layer of skin just after 10 minutes of MicroBubble Therapy. That is a 14.24% increase over untreated skin. Also 79% of test participants had an average of 10% improvement of softness in their skin.

Unlike normal baths that cool down the longer you're in them, the MicroBubble Therapy increases the temperature of the bath every hour by approximately 1° F. The warming effects help to keep your body relaxed and the effects stay with you even after you leave the bathtub. You will no longer have to keep adding warm water to keep the temperature just right. MicroBubble Therapy reduces the need for soap in a bath too. These small, oxygen rich bubbles go a long way in sterilizing your bath. Studies have shown that running a MicroBubble Bath for 10 minutes will kill all the Legionella and Aeruginosa bacteria in it. MicroBubbles will also grab other impurities off of your skin such as dead skin cells and lift it from the water.
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