Barclay Montebello Pedestal Bathtub

69" Acrylic Double Slipper Soaking Bath


Montebello will add a vintage styling to your bathroom with its double slipper design and pedestal base. A long and narrow (69" x 29") it offers center drain and two comfortable backrests. Constructed with 2 acrylic sheets and the space between acrylic sheets partially filled with fiberglass and resin to create a bath that is as sturdy as it is beautiful. Montebello comes in three versions. The ATDS7H69B will have a faucet deck that will be drilled for a tub filler with 7" centers. Faucets can be mounted right on the rim of the bath. The ATDSN69B will also have a faucet deck but will not be drilled for faucets. The ATDSN69B will have a continuous rolled rim and no faucet holes. The last two are designed for floor or wall mounted tub faucets. This bath isn't drilled for an overflow. If this bath isn't being installed in a wet room, it can be drilled for an overflow at no extra charge when the drain is ordered with the tub. Choose a soaking tub for a simple, tranquil pleasure. You can even further customize your tub with a custom exterior paint finish.

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Montebello Intalled with Deck Mount Tub FaucetTraditional Double Slipper with Pedestal Base and Faucet DeckContinuous Rolled Rim
Faucet Deck | 7" center faucet drillings
Continuous Rolled Rim | No faucet holes
Faucet Deck| No faucet holes

69" x 28 1/2" x 28 3/8"
Gallon Capacity: 53
Shipping Weight: 296#
Filled Weight: 543#
Empty Weight: 100#
Center-Side Drain Bathtub
Center - Side Drain with 2 Slopping Backrests
Outside Finish: White Acrylic
No Overflow
Recommended Tub Drain: #5599LT or #5599TS→
Optional overflow drilled | No Charge | ***Must Order Drain with Tub
Recommended Tub Drain (with overflow drilled) #5599 →
Exterior Drain
Sample Exposed Drain

Montebello ATDS7H69B | 7" Centers in Faucet Deck | Overflow

Faucet Holes Above Drain
Faucet Deck Indentation with Faucet Holes
Soaking Tub
List Price: $1843.00
Sale Price: $1290.00
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Montebello ATDSNTD69B | Faucet Deck | No Drilling | No Overflow

No Holes on Faucet Deck
Faucet Deck Indentation without Faucet Holes
Soaking Tub
List Price: $1843.00
Sale Price: $1290.00

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Montebello ATDSN69B | Rolled Rim | No Faucet Hole | No Overflow

No Holes, Rolled Rim
Continuously Rolled Rim (No faucet deck indentation) Soaking Tub
List Price: $1843.00
Sale Price: $1290.00
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Caring for Your Barclay Acrylic Bath
The non-porous surface of an acrylic tub makes it very easy to keep clean. For routine cleaning you may use a non-abrasive soap. Dishwashing detergent such as Joy®, Palmolive®, Ivory®, etc and a soft sponge or cloth is all that you need. If an accident occurs that requires something stronger, the following are SAFE to use: Fantastic®, Tackle®, Top Job®, Formula 409®, ScrubFree®, Calgon Bath®, Windex®, Clorox Bleach®, Spiffits® Bath, Glass Plus®, and Spic & Span Powder®.

DO NOT Clean Your Acrylic Bathtub with Paint Thinner, Goof OFF®, Scrubbing Bubbles®, Acetone, Lacquer Thinner, M.E.K. ® or other chemicals that attack the structural integrity of plastics (including, but not limited to, acetones). Use of these chemicals will destroy the acrylic surface of your bathtub and there is no way to reverse the damage caused by this type of chemical reaction. Use of these chemicals will void your warranty.

It is simple to restore the finish of your tub, should scratches or dulling occur. We recommend the use of a liquid polisher such as Gel-Gloss®. Deep scratches or burns can be removed with very fine sandpaper (600 grit or higher) and then finished with a liquid polish.
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