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Barclay Livingstone Clawfoot Bathtub

ATSN68LP-WH | 69" Acrylic Slipper Tub

An elegant slipper design, the Livingstone is 69" L x 29" W. This bath offers stately Lion Paw feet in chrome, polished brass, oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel. An end drain bath with a curving slightly curving rim. Constructed with 2 acrylic sheets and the space between the acrylic sheets is filled with fiberglass and resin to create a bath that is as sturdy as it is beautiful. This bath is not drilled for faucet holes, making it the perfect pairing for a freestanding or wall mount tub filler. It doesn't have an overflow, it needs to be installed in a wet room to meet most codes.
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Slipper Bath with Curving Rim and Lion Paw Feet Chrome, Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze or Nickel Feet
69" x 29 1/4" x 30 1/4
Gallon Capacity: 57
Shipping Weight: 200#
Filled Weight: 626#, Empty Weight: 150#
End Drain Bathtub
Double-walled White Acrylic
Aluminum Cast Lion Paw Feet
Recommended Tub Drain: #5599LT or #5599TS→
Optional overflow drilled | No Charge | ***Must Order Drain with Tub
Recommended Tub Drain (with overflow drilled) #5599PD →
Exterior Drain
Sample Exposed Drain
5598 Rough in Kit →

Livingstone | ATSN68LP

White Tub | Choose Foot Color:
  • Polished Brass

    List Price: $2522.00
    Sale Price: $1639.00
  • Polished Chrome

    List Price: $2436.00
    Sale Price: $1583.00
  • Brushed Nickel

    List Price: $2609.00
    Sale Price: $1696.00
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze

    List Price: $2696.00
    Sale Price: $1752.00
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Caring for your Acrylic Bath
The non-porous surface of an acrylic tub makes it very easy to keep clean. For routine cleaning you may use a non-abrasive soap. Dish washing detergent such as Joy®, Palmolive®, Ivory®, etc and a soft sponge or cloth is all that you need. If an accident occurs that requires something stronger, the following are SAFE to use: Fantastic®, Tackle®, Top Job®, Formula 409®, ScrubFree®, Calgon Bath®, Windex®, Clorox Bleach®, Spiffits® Bath, Glass Plus®, and Spic & Span Powder®.
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