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Trova Vessel Sink Faucet in Matte Black
The Trova faucet line has your go-to collection of popular Artos products.
Great value for money.
Ready to save. Ready to go.
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Trova Faucet Offer Great Value

Your go-to collection of popular Artos products, ready to go. Great value for money. Find popular square and round design, sink faucets & shower sets. & Artos are dedicated to helping you create a beautiful bathroom with luxurious sink, tub & shower faucets. Your faucets come to you directly from Artos with a full manufacturer warranty. Artos assures quality, every time.
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Trova Sink Faucets
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Bathroom Sink Drains Artos Trova Shower Sets
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Pressure Balance Sets
Valves & Trim are ordered separately

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