Americh Vibro Sonic Massage System

With 6 speed adjustable massage nodes spaced evenly across the back of the tub providing varying intensity massage from gentle and soothing to intense and stimulating.
6 White Back Massage Nodes, Optional Black Pillow

Deep Shiatsu-Like Massage for a Ultimate Bathing Experience

The motorized massage nodes offer several different levels of stimulation that allow users to personalize their massage depending on individual body and muscle density. Choose adjustable pulsations, various levels of continuous vibration and three different sequences of Shiatsu type massage.

Vibro Sonic Massage

Vibro Sonic Massage With or Without Water
This massage system combined with the tub's warm water deeply stimulates blood circulation to more completely relax the tension with in your muscles. No time to fill the tub? No problem! The Vibro Sonic Massage system can be used with or without water. This offers you access to a massage anytime.
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Color Options

Massage Node Color Options
Massage Nodes: Black or White
Trim Ring: White Black or Polished Chrome

6 or 8 Module System
6 jet VSM system has 6 different pressure points throughout your back.
6 Back Massage Nodes
8 module VSM adds two pressure points at the feet.
8 Module with two at the feet
All the modules are silicone and can be cleaned with liquid soap and hot water.

Vibro Sonic Control
VSM Control Pad
The standard VSM system includes a tub side mounted control pad
The first button to the left is the on/off control. The up and down arrows increase/decrease the power (2nd button) or the speed (3rd button) of the system. The button to the right is the sequence mode. Click on the picture below to explore the 3 sequence modes.
Optional Remote
Optional Remote Control
Remote replaces the key pad on the bath.

Tub Systems
The Vibro Sonic Massage can be added to a soaking tub, whirlpool or air bath. Please note if added to a whirlpool and/or air bath it will require added space and will cause the plumbing and/or components to stick out beyond the edge of the tub.

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