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Alcove Seria 3666 F1 Tub

Seria 66 x 36 Freestanding Air Tub or Soaking Bathtub

Freestanding 5 ½' Rectangle Tub
Designed for 2, this bathtub has curving armrests, center drain, two backrests and the ability to deck mount the faucets. The Seria Freestanding can be ordered as a soaking bathtub or for a massage tub; choose from 2 air bath styles. With any system, the optional Rayola tub shell heating system will help keep the bathtub warm.
Freestanding Bath with Curving Armrests, Center Drain & Faucet Deck
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Alcove Seria 3666 F1
PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet
Tub Size: 65 x 35 1/16 x 24
Water Capacity: 92 Gallons
Water Depth: 17 3/4
Standard Tub Color: White
Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub
Tub Filler: Floor, Deck or Wall Mount
Faucet pictured is not included.
PDF DownloadAlcove Owner's Manual
Seria 3666F1 Freestanding Soaking & Air Bathtubs
Seria Options →

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  • Seria 3666F1
    Soaking Tub

    Tub Only | No Jets

    List Price: $3085.00
    MSRP: $2313.75
    Sale Price: Contact Us

    Seria Soaking Tub - No Jets
  • Seria 3666F1
    Balne-Air Tub

    Bottom Air Jets

    List Price: $5630.00
    MSRP: $4222.50
    Sale Price: Contact Us

    21 (11/10) Air injectors
    Optima blower 750W (1 ½ h.p.)
    300W Heating element
    6' Blower Hose Extension
    Backlit electronic control
    Seria Balne-Air Jets
  • Seria 3666F1
    Vibro-Air Tub

    Side Air Jets

    List Price: $5870.00
    MSRP: $4402.50
    Sale Price: Contact Us

    48 (34/14) Micro-jets
    Optima blower 750W (1 ½ h.p.)
    300W Heating element
    6' Blower Hose Extension
    Backlit electronic control
    Seria Vibro-Air Jets
Seria 3666 F1 Options
Nuance Colors: White, Black, Red, Green & Purple
Chrome Drain
D-111 Drain Adapter
-Installation of the 123 Connect (D-111) is recommended when faucet is installed on the bathtub & when drain access from below the bath is not possible
Chromatherapy Lighting
Black Neck Pillow (not available with Rayola)
Blower Extensions (air option)
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Alcove Bathtubs are produced by Produits Neptune
Produits Neptune provides inspiring, well-thought out product lines with enough flexibility for you to mix, match, and create your own chic, bathroom signature. With Produits Neptune, everything is possible, and everything is simple. It's all yours to enjoy, a perfect balance of form and function.

Alcove Systems
This air system with the jets on the tub floor creates a gentle, relaxing massage. The delightful experience of softly floating on a cushion of soothing bubbles. The Balne-Air system propels warm air into the water through injectors located on the bottom and on the backrests of the bathtub. Multiple outlets in each injector create the sensation of an embracing pillow of air. Customize your experience by adjusting the system's intensity. Learn more about Alcove Balne-Air Bathtubs →
This air system has the air jets on the side of the tub. It creates a massage that is a gentle and soothing swirl. It recreates the stimulating effect of bathing in the oxygenated water of rapids. The Vibro-Air massage system includes dozens of micro-injectors strategically located along the bottom sides of the bathtub and in the backrest. Warm air is then injected into the water creating thousands of bubbles that completely envelop your body. Learn more about Alcove Vibro-Air Bathtubs →
The experience of relaxation is brought to the next level by the new Rayola option. Unwind from your daily stress with heated back support specifically designed for total relaxation. An innovation that will provide well-being and immediate comfort. Learn more about Alcove Rayola →

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