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We value certain moments in life more than others, like the time we take to relax, recharge, or simply to spoil ourselves. A time when all the stresses of the day melt away. With a pure design focused on your total comfort, and a variety of versatile and aesthetic styles, Alcove products are specifically designed to fulfill all your needs for those special moments. So when you’re ready to take some time for yourself, your space will embrace you.
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Alcove Massage Experiences
Alcove whirlpool massage is the most vigorous of all of their systems. With a forceful propulsion of water and warm air, it provides a deep tissue massage that oxygenates your muscles, while stimulating your blood flow and circulatory system. The whirlpool jets have two adjustable features, direction and flow. Direction is adjusted by simply moving the nozzle to point in the desired direction. Flow is adjusted by rotating the jet nozzle.

Balne-Air system creates the delightful experience of softly floating on a cushion of soothing bubbles for a gentle, relaxing massage. Customize your experience by adjusting the system's intensity. This system propels warm air into the water through injectors located on the bottom and on the backrests of the bathtub.

The Vibro-Air massage system recreates the stimulating effect of bathing in the oxygenated water of rapids. As a gentle and soothing swirl, the Vibro-Air system maximizes wellness and relaxation. Customize the experience by adjusting the intensity.
The Vibro-Air massage system includes dozens of micro-injectors strategically located along the bottom of the bathtub contour and in the backrest.

Heated cushions soothe your back and shoulders
The experience of relaxation is brought to the next level by the Rayola option. Unwind from your daily stress with heated back support specifically designed for total relaxation. Integrated into the bathtub, the electronic control allows you to choose between two heat settings, ensuring an experience adapted to your needs. With its environmentally-friendly design, the Rayola option consumes only a fraction of energy.

Soaking Bathtub
Why choose a soaking tub? Soaking in warm water will sooth the body, boosts cardiac output, lower blood pressure and improve circulation. Water also hydrates the skin and helps your pores eliminate toxins. These tubs are not jetted, so therefore, offer the quietest relaxation option.
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Alcove Bathtubs are produced by Produits Neptune
Produits Neptune provides inspiring, well-thought out product lines with enough flexibility for you to mix, match, and create your own chic, bathroom signature. With Produits Neptune, everything is possible, and everything is simple. It's all yours to enjoy, a perfect balance of form and function.

Because they are committed to sustainable development, they do everything we can to reduce the environmental footprint of their operations and inventory. Not only are they the leading manufacturer of bathroom products in North America, but they are also the first on the continent to be certified ECORESPONSIBLE. This honour recognizes their green initiatives in, among other areas, procurement, eco-design, life cycle analysis, manufacturing, recycling, and the development of new and emerging materials within a spirit of social responsibility.

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