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Whirlpool & Air Tubs

Large selection of Whirlpools & Air Tubs by the top manufactures: Americh, Atlantis, Aquatic, Hydro Massage, Hydro Systems, Jacuzzi®, MTI and Neptune. Over 800 tubs to choose from. Overwhelmed? Just give us a call and we would be glad to guide you - 866-380-0303

Jaccuzzi Whirlpool Jet Perimeter Air Jets Fuzion Salon Spa - Whirlpool & Air

A whirlpool bathtub (also referred to as a jacuzzi or jetted tubs) provides a deep tissue massage. Water is pulled from the bath, passes through the pipes, and back out through a jet - providing a massage to the areas in front of the jets. Whirlpools provide the most vigorous form of massage.

An air tub creates thousands of warm bubbles that caresses the skin. The bubbles stimulate the skin's light touch receptors, producing an overall calming effect. You have full control of the amount of air. Air massage is much softer than a whirlpool.

The ultimate spa tub. Choose a deep tissue massage then lay back with the soft bubbles of an air massage. Both systems can be on at the same time or choose one or the other. At least two electrical connections are needed – one for the blower (air) and one for the pump (whirlpool).

DriftBath with multiple back water jets Neptune Tonic Micro Bubbles  

Delicate ribbons of water allow you to drift away to a place of pure tranquility. Up to 70 ports in the back and foot areas of the bathtub release individual streams of water. Streams converge to create a single flowing motion that gently soothes your entire body.

The Tonic massage system combines water and warm air to immerse you in comforting effervescence. Both relaxing and invigorating, each cycle produces a wonderful caressing sensation that embraces your whole body.


Whirlpool, Air & Combination Whirlpool & Air Tub Manufacturers

Americh Madison Drop-in Tub LuxeAir 32 Alcove Whirlpool & Air Venetion Whirlpool - Rectangle Tub in White

From the invigorating massage of a whirlpool, the rejuvenating sensation of our Airbath and for the ultimate pampering, indulge in the restorative powers of the combination system. Each Americh bath is available in many styles so you can choose the bath of your dreams.

Aquatic offers different tub series to help you select the perfect massage:
Estate - Whirlpool
Serenity - Air Tub
LuxeAir - Whirlpool & Air
For the ultimate back massage see the Infinity & Millennium

Choose Aquatic DriftBath for the newest in hydrotherapy

Atlantis created a line of luxury bathtubs where you can take your personalized bath. Start with the shape that fits you just right, and then choose your options: soft headrests, pillows, easy to grip handles, mood enhancing lights, hydrotherapy jets and air system

Zen Oval Air Bath with Comfort Pillow Angel Rectangle Air Bath with Decorative Rim 2 Person Rectangle Whirlpool Tub

Hydro Massage Products manufactures some of the industries healthiest and most therapeutic Each tub is offered in 3 styles of Air, Whirlpool or Combination Tubs. That gives you 9 therapy choices. Choose from many tub sizes and styles and add the best therapy.

Whether you need to relax from the stresses of today's hectic world or are overcoming an injury or illness, Hydro Systems ability to customize your bath tub will guarantee long-lasting enjoyment and user satisfaction. Air, Whirlpool or Combination System.

Jacuzzi® offers Whirlpools, Pure Air® Tubs & Salon Spa Combination Whirlpool & Air. Bathtubs are where warm water performs its magic: relaxing muscles, cleansing the body and reviving spirits Jacuzzi® offers you a wide choice of beautifully designed tubs.

MTI Caribe Air Bath with Rocks in the Overflow Channel White Rectangle Frestanding Whirlpool Walk-in Bath in White

Whether you prefer the simple luxury of a soaking tub, the invigorating deep-tissue massage of a whirlpool, the light full-body thermo-air massage, or a combination of the two, MTI offers more than 130 tub styles with multiple configurations to meet your specific hydrotherapy needs.

Neptune is is a practical and functional … design for everyday living. Their experience and creativity give you access to the best of both worlds: top-of-the line affordable designs and impeccably crafted products. Most tubs offer 2 air styles - floor & perimeter, whirlpool or combination whirlpool & air.

Ella's Bubbles specializes in manufacturing the finest acrylic walk in bathtubs. Their Walk In Baths promote a greater sense of independence and pleasure through elegant design, innovation, and safety solutions.

MTI Caribe Air Bath with Rocks in the Overflow Channel    

The Maestro Collection is a composition of fine art, craftsmanship, style and elegance. Freestanding Air Bath Tubs. Twenty-first century tub technology
inspired by generations of fine artists. Master the Art of Bathing - Maestro


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