MTI Kalia 2

MTI & Luxury Bed & Breakfast

When a Chic Bed & Breakfast offers a Luxury MTI Whirlpool – The Guests Get Pampered
Among the luxurious amenities – Japanese Tub with Whirlpool Jets on Curtained Porch. The MTI Kalia 2 (formally called the Furo) is installed as a drop-in. 6 whirlpool jets offer the guests a massage as they soak in the deep waters of the bath.

Japanese style tub with steps leading to the tub

Neptune Nagano Japanese Bathtub

The Neptune Nagano is one of our more popular Japanese Style Whirlpools
Neptune has a very nice picture of this tub dropped into the floor. Unfortunately a lot of our customers can not install the tub in this manner. That’s why I was so excited to get these pictures from Linda.

Long, Thin Shower Drain with Tile

The Best Shower Drain You’ll Never See

California Faucets CeraLine Custom & StyleDrain Tile
These innovative shower drains allow for the inlay of any tile or stone for a seamless integration with the floor. California Faucets offers the ultimate in shower décor––StyleDrain Tile™ & CeraLine Custom. They create the illusion of water disappearing into the floor.

Floor Mount Whirlpool

Freestanding Whirlpool Tub

Freestanding tubs with whirlpool jets are more difficult to find than a soaking or air tubs.
Yet for those in need of a deep tissue massage they are invaluable. Some free standing tubs can offer a great whirlpool massage plus offer options of an in-line heater, chromotherapy lighting or the addition of an air system – all while fitting in the freestanding tub format.

Modern Rectangle Freestanding Bathtub

MTI Baths

25 Years of Growth Through Commitment to Community, Employees and Customers
Atlanta-based MTI Baths is celebrating its 25th anniversary this August as one of today’s leading bath manufacturers.
Started as a small family business in 1988, the company now has 144 employees and revenue exceeding $20 million. The employee-owned company has gained national recognition for its innovation, award winning designs and passion for outstanding customer care.

Sculpted Free Standing Bath

Maestro Bath Collection

Maestro Series of Freestanding Soaking & Air Tubs
The Maestro Collection is a composition of fine art, craftsmanship, style and elegance. Twenty-first century tub technology inspired by generations of fine artists. We like to think Hydro Systems has mastered the art of the freestanding tub. is proud to add the Maestro Series of Soaking & Air Tubs …

Multiple Back Water Jets

Aquatic DriftBath

DriftBath — Ultra Serene Bathing Experience
Aquatic’s DriftBath system is a completely, new approach to luxury hydrotherapy
Offering builders and homeowners another option in addition to soaker, HotSoak, whirlpool and air bathtubs. Available on Aquatic Serenity and Serenity Studio models, DriftBath is ideal for the bather seeking simple and quiet hydrotherapy for floating away into restful relaxation.

Hydro Systems Kira, Rectangle, Center Drain Tub

I Love my New Tub!

In Dan’s old tub there was no good way to take a bath. The drain was on one end and would dig into your back, and the faucet was on the other end, a perfect place to bang your head against. Dan replace his old tub with a new beauty from Hydro Systems – a heated soaking tub.

Wall Mount Tub Filler

Quick Tub Fillers – Tub Faucets

Not all tub fillers are created equally.
The larger the tub the more important a tub faucet’s flow rate. Let’s take a 60 gallon tub. At 16 gpm (gallons per minute) at 60 psi (pounds per square inch – water pressure) it will take 3.75 minutes. Slow the faucet down to 7 gpm and you are almost 9 minutes. If you have a larger tub, let’s say 120 gallons, the difference between 16 & 7 gpm is 9 minutes. At that point the tub water is already cooling down.