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Riobel iShower

Riobel iShower Electronic Control with Ceiling Shower, Body Sprays and Hand Shower Riobel iShower Remote Control for Electronic Control
Riobel iShower: the ultimate electronic shower system

This new technology will revolutionize the daily life of its users, providing them with the feeling of well-being they deserve…
Thanks to its versatile design, the iShower is a perfect fit regardless of the bathroom décor. Whether you wish to upgrade a cottage or embellish a prestigious home, this high-tech shower system is sure to fulfill any needs and meet any expectations.
iShower Electronic Controls
Activation at the tip of your fingers
User-friendliness and simplicity! Two words: a perfect description of Riobel’s iShower. Its digital keypad is so easy to master that everyone in the family will be able to use it, regardless of their age. You can activate one, two, three or even four components simultaneously (body spray, hand shower, shower head and optional jet). Just push the buttons and relax. Thanks to its highly sophisticated temperature sensor, the iShower allows for easy selection of a precise water temperature, thus avoiding cold-water chills or scalding. An optional remote control is also available to start the unit’s hand shower from a distance.
iShower InstallationiShower Installation Cover
Installation is as easy as 1-2-3!
The installation of this electronic pressure balanced thermostatic shower is just as easy as installing a regular shower. The valve is designed to be inserted between two 2"x4" studs in a discreet location such as a closet, under the sink or even directly behind the shower. Thanks to its high-flow valve, the iShower outputs up to 40 liters of water per minute at 60 psi, even when there is a power interruption: it is one of the few electronic shower systems currently available that has an auto-recharge battery with a 1½-hour autonomy so you can shower even when there is no power!
Because we put so much effort behind the optimization of our products, we offer a limited 5-year warranty against defects on parts, beginning on the date of purchase.

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