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Neptune Tubs - Neptune Whirlpool, Air Tub & Soaking Bathtub

Neptune offers Beautiful Designs

Large Selection of Impeccably Crafted Tubs, Whirlpool, Air & Soaking Tubs in Multiple Sizes & Styles
All Now on Sale

Drop-in Retro Oval Tub

Neptune - Design for Everyday Living - Soaking, Whirlpool & Air Tubs

Neptune welcomes you to a bathroom that is a reflection of who you are. A beautifully designed and functional bathroom where every component has been customized, harmonized according to your taste, your needs, and your lifestyle. Produits Neptune is a complete bathroom concept. It is the clean and organic lines of a Contemporary bathtub, the subtle curves of a Transitional shower, the rich character of a Classic designed sink. It is a practical and functional… design for everyday living.
Neptune's experience and creativity give you access to the best of both worlds: top-of-the line affordable designs and impeccably crafted products. Furthermore, an array of accessories, and numerous options and systems allow you to personalize each component and enhance your experience of well-being. Whether you are renovating or moving into a new home, Produits Neptune invites you to create your own space and to make everyday more beautiful and more functional.
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Shop Neptune Tubs by Size

Quantum Soaking Tub from Americh
5' Tubs
Brisa II 6644 Soaking Tub
5 ½' Bathtubs
Monet 7236 Soaking Tub
6' Tubs

Bathtubs by Name

Amaze | Ametys | Anna | Ariane | Believe | Bora | Cleopatra | Daphne | Delight | Elysee | Etna | Eva | Felicia | Jade 4872 | Jade 3872 | Jade 4272 | Julia | Kara | Laura | Macao | Melia 60 | Melia 66 | Milos | Nagano | Orphee | Osaka | Penelope | Revelation | Ruby 3672 | Ruby 3666 | Ruby 3260 | Saphyr | Sara | TAO 3672 | TAO 3666 | TAO 3260 | Tokyo | Venus | Wind | Zen 3060 | Zen 3260 | Zen 3266 | Zen 3466 | Zen 3666 | Zen 3272 | Zen 3672R | Zen 4272 R | Zora 3260 | Zora 3666
Wish Freestanding Solid Surface Soaking Bathtub

Neptune Massage System Tub - Whirlpool, Air & Tonic - Unique sensations

Enhance your bathing experience by adding one of our four massage systems: Whirlpool, Mass-Air, Activ-Air, and Tonic. For an array of massages and to maximize the sensation of well-being, it is also possible to combine these systems.

Neptune Whirlpool Jets

Whirlpool massage system projects a powerful blend of water and warm air for a wonderfully invigorating sensation.
The invigorating force of water and warm air.

Neptune Bottom Air Jets

Mass-Air creates the delightful experience of floating softly on air.
The peaceful feeling of a cushion of warm air.

Neptune Activ-Air Side Jets

The Activ-Air massage system recreates the stimulating effect of bathing in the oxygenated water of rapids.
The effervescent energy of white water.

Tonic Air Jets

The Tonic massage system combines water and warm air to immerse you in comforting effervescence
A champagne of micro bubbles.

Rayola Heated Backrest

Rayola brings the experience of relaxation to the next level. Unwind from your daily stress with heated back support specifically designed for total relaxation. An innovation that will provide well-being and immediate comfort.

Integrated into the tub, the electronic control allows you to choose between two heat settings 104° & 110°. Energy efficient with its environmentally-friendly design, the Rayola option consumes only a fraction of energy. Offered on select soaking, whirlpool & air tubs

Neptune 5' Whirlpools, Soaking & Air Bathtubs

Japanese Style Soaking Bath

40 x 40 x 37

Round Japanese Style Bath

52 x 52 x 36

Corner Bath with Side-by-side Bathing, Elegant Raised Backs

54 x 54 x 20

Modern Oval Freestanding Bath
Amaze Oval

59 x 32 x 24

Rectangle Bath With or Without Seat

60 x 30 x 17

Rectangle Bath With or Without Seat

60 x 30 x 19

Modern Rectangle Bath
Zen 3060R

60 x 30 x 22

Rectangular, Modern Freestanding Soaking Bath

60 x 30 x 23

Oval, Modern Freestanding Soaking Bath

60 x 30 x 23

Rectangle Bath with Integral Skirt

60 x 31 x 17

Rectangle Bath with Integral Skirt

60 x 31 x 19

Modern Bath with Integral Skirt and Flange
Zora 3260

60 x 32 x 18

Rectangle Bath with Raised Back, Front Skirt

60 x 32 x 20

Rectangle Bath with Molded Back and Arm Rests
Delight 3260

60 x 32 x 21

Modern Rectangle Freestanding Bath

60 x 32 x 22

Oval Bath with Flat Rim
TAO 3260

60 x 32 x 22

Oval Freestanding Bath
Ruby 3260

60 x 32 x 22

Modern Rectangle Bath
Zen 3260

60 x 32 x 22

Oval Bath with Decorative Rim

60 x 33 x 19

Rectangle Bath with Armrests

60 x 34 x18

Rectangle Bath with Molded Back and Arm Rests
Delight 3660

60 x 36 x 21

Modern Corner Bath with Integral Skirt

60 x 36 x 22

Long, Modern Corner Bath
Bora 60

60 x 41 x 22

Corner Bath with Raised Back

60 x 42 x 21

Corner Bath with Side-by-side Bathing, Elegant Raised Backs

60 x 60 x 20

Modern Square Bath

60 x 60 x 20

Japanese Style Square Bath

60 x 60 x 30

Rectangle Bath with Elegant Raised Back
Melia 60

61 x 33 x 18

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