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Native Trails Sinks

Modern, Kohani Brushed Nickel Vessel Sink

Beautiful & Practical Sinks for the Kitchen & Bathroom

Each Native Trails sink is a work of beauty. Whether your love is the crisp design of contemporary fashion, the nostalgic flair of old world styling, or something in-between; you can find the perfect sink in this large collection. Artisan crafted from natural & sustainable materials, Native Trails sinks provide luxury living with a positive impact. The kitchen and bath products are created from natural, sustainable materials such as recycled copper and reclaimed wood.
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Your sink, vanity or tub come to you directly from Native Trails, backed by their full warranty. Give us a call and we will offer our sale prices, check lead time and help with any questions - 866-380-0303 or email

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The Artistry of Native Trails

High-quality fixtures and furnishings for the kitchen and bathroom that make a grand visual impression with a small ecological footprint. They work with artisans around the world to handcraft their inspiring kitchen and bath products from natural, sustainable materials. In the bathroom create a rejuvenating sanctuary with Native Trails selection of bathroom sinks, mirrors, vanities, and tubs. Bask in the sumptuous textures; soak up the handcrafted durability and easy maintenance. For the kitchen products that are beautiful and practical: design sensibilities that are a must for any kitchen. Native Trails kitchen sinks dish up a feast of beauty and practicality. The distinctive texture and warm glow is delectable; their effortless maintenance and coordinating accessories make them refreshingly practical.

Copper & Nickel
Antique Copper Drop-in Bathroom Sink
Skilled coppersmiths combine centuries of tradition with contemporary design to create functional works of art. Using age-old techniques passed down through generations, a typical copper sink or copper tub takes several days and many thousands of hammer strikes to perfect. Brushed Nickel finish is achieved by plating nickel over copper, followed by careful hand-brushing. It is a very easy finish to maintain.

NativeStone Cement
Slate Double Trough Sink
Concrete done better. A breakthrough combination of natural jute fiber combined with cement results in a material about 40% lighter than standard concrete. This mix is incredibly durable and resistant to cracking. Native Trails state-of-the-art nano sealer literally binds with the molecules in the concrete, resulting in an extraordinarily stain and scratch resistant product.

Built to last. When it comes to bathroom vanities and bathroom storage, Native Trails "makes them like they used to". Their bath vanities and bathroom storage are handmade by artisans who employ age-old traditions and expert craftsmanship from high-quality sustainable materials, ensuring each heirloom-quality piece will last for generations.

Native Trails Earth Friendly Copper Sinks
Native Trails, based in San Luis Obispo, CA, is a leading manufacturer of kitchen and bath products specializing in handcrafted copper basins, tubs, vanities, mirrors and accessories. They have successfully gained customer trust by consistently delivering the highest quality handcrafted products and by backing those same products with excellent customer service that is knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. They are also a company that believes in utilizing processes and materials that are people and environment friendly. Whether it is the use of recycled copper or reclaimed wood for vanities, all are environmentally responsible choices made.

Limited Lifetime Warranty:
"Native Trails warrants that our sinks, tubs and bath furniture shall be free from defects in workmanship or materials under normal residential use and care for as long as the original purchaser owns them, when purchased through an authorized dealer. Variations in dimensions, textures and finishes are inherent in the nature of our handcrafted products and are not considered defects. In no event shall we be liable for any damage to or caused by the products during or after installation. We are not responsible for labor or installation charges or any other expenses associated with defective product. Our sole responsibility is replacement, exchange or repair of defective product.
Native Trails makes no warranty as to the finishes on the products, as the finishes naturally change over time. Refer to our Care and Maintenance Instructions for proper maintenance of the products."

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