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Jacuzzi® Tubs – Jacuzzi Whirlpool, Air Tub & Soaking Bathtub

Jacuzzi® - Beautiful Whirlpools, Air Tubs, Salon Spas & Soaking Tubs

Wide Choice of Beautifully Designed Tubs, Multiple Sizes, Styles & Jacuzzi Massage - All Now on SaleJacuzzi Salerno Whirlpool

Experience Jacuzzi - Soaking, Whirlpool & Air Tubs

For many of us, the most tranquil moments in the day take place in the bathtub. Bathtubs and showers are where warm water performs its magic: relaxing muscles, cleansing the body and reviving spirits. To make the most of this daily ritual of rejuvenation, Jacuzzi® offers you a wide choice of beautifully designed bathtubs. Discover advanced, yet simple to use, features and functions. Known for over 50 years as the leader in whirlpool bathtubs, Jacuzzi® has refined and developed the bathing experience. Today, Jacuzzi® Pure Air® bathtubs are the talk of the industry, creating an entirely new feeling delivered by tubs full of warm effervescence. You can indulge in either a vigorous whirlpool jet massage or an air bath in the Salon™ Spa, an experience available in an array of models.
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Jacuzzi Tubs by Size/Style

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Bathtubs by Name

Acero | Allusion | Amiga® | Bellavista | Capella® | Cetra® | Cortina | Duetta® | Elara® | Era | Finestra® | Fuzion | Gallery | Luna® | Luxura® | Majora® | Mio | Mito | Nova | Real | Riva® | Rossi | Sabella | Salerno | Sia® | Signa® | Tara | Venicia

Jacuzzi® Massage System Tub - Whirlpool, Air & Salon Spa

For over 30 years, Jacuzzi® has been committed to designing bath and spa products that are focused on the way you feel. By giving you the opportunity to relax, reduce stress, relieve aches and pains and to sleep better, we are able to produce a product that enhances people's health and happiness. And gives people an escape to a world free of stress and strain. Reset. Then take on the world again.

Jacuzzi Allusion Whirlpool

Whirlpool Jets Provide Deep Tissue Massage

Jacuzzi Air Jets - Back & Bottom Air
Pure Air®

Pure Air® Creates a Bubbly Relaxing Massage

Jacuzzi Water and Air Jets
Salon Spa

Enjoy the Best of Both Massage Systems

Choosing the Perfect Jacuzzi®

Create whatever massage you desire at the touch of a button. Keep it low for a gentle, soothing current of caressing water. Or turn it on full for deep muscle penetration and feel the water work its wonders. Whirlpools circulate a combination of air and water to produce an intense, targeted massage.
Pure Air®
The only thing that churns the water in a Pure Air® tubs are just that: pure, heated air. The result is a gentle, scintillating immersion - bubbly relaxation that is more champagne than shiatsu. Step in, sit back and feel the pure pleasure of being caressed by thousands of warm air bubbles exploding on every inch of your body with Pure Air®.
Salon Spa
Salon Spas combine the therapeutic power of the Luxury Whirlpool experience and the calm, effervescence of Pure Air® Bath. Some days call for an invigorating massage, others for a gentle caress, and still others a combination of both. For all of these days, the Salon Spa is one remarkable water retreat.
The same care is used with soaking as massage tubs. Thick acrylic, heavy duty backing and the beauty of Jacuzzi®'s styling. A combination that can create the perfect deep soaking bath.

Jacuzzi® Corner Tub

Capella Corner Whirlpool
Capella® 55

55 x 55 x 21

Capella Corner Whirlpool or Pure Air®  II
Capella® 60

60 x 60 x 21

Tara Whirlpool or Pure Air®  II

60 x 60 x 21

Bellavista Corner Whirlpool or Salon Spa
Bellavista Corner

60 x 60 x 22

Fuzion Corner Whirlpool, Pure Air®  II or Salon Spa
Fuzion 6666

66 x 66 x 22


Jacuzzi® Freestanding Soaking & Pure Air® Tub

Claw Foot Slipper Tub
Era Slipper

60 x 32 x 26

Era Freestanding Tub for 2 Shown with Wood Frame
Era Double - Wood Frame

71 x 42 x 20

Claw Foot Era Freestanding Tub for 2
Era Double - Claw Foot

71 x 42 x 20

Era Freestanding Tub for 2 Shown with Pedestal Base
Era Double - Pedestal

71 x 42 x 20

Free Standing Oval Air Bath Shown With Optional Ring Frame
Gallery 6

72 x 42 x 21

Oval Freestanding air bath
Riva® 6

72 x 42 x 21

Jacuzzi® Alcove Installation (Integral Skirt & Tile Flange)

Luxura Alcove Whirlpool
Rossi 6030

60 x 30 x 19

Luxura Alcove Whirlpool or Pure Air®  II
Luxura® 530

60 x 30 x 20

Finestra Walk-in Whirlpool, Pure Air®  II or Salon Spa
Finestra® Walk-in

60 x 30 x 39

Luxura Alcove Whirlpool
Rossi 6030

60 x 32 x 19

Luxura Alcove Whirlpool or Pure Air®  II
Luxura® 5

60 x 32 x 20

Cetra Rectangle Alcove Bath with Skirt, Whirlpool
Cetra® 532

60 x 32 x 21

Nova Alcove with Skirt, Whirlpool
Nova 536

60 x 36 x 19

Cetra Rectangle Alcove Bath with Skirt, Whirlpool
Cetra® 536

60 x 36 x 21

Finestra Walk-in Whirlpool, Pure Air®  II or Salon Spa

60 x 36 x 39

Nova Alcove with Skirt Whirlpool
Nova 5

60 x 42 x 19

Signa Alcove Whirlpool
Signa® 5

60 x 42 x 22

Nova Alcove with Skirt Whirlpool
Nova 636

72 x 36 x 19

Amiga®  Alcove Whirlpool with Skirt

72 x 36 x 21

Majora Skirted Whirlpool

72 x 42 x 20


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