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Ella's Bubbles Oasis

The Ella Oasis walk in tub is available as a soaking, whirlpool, air or dual massage bathtub.
Oasis Walk In, Right Drain, Qutward Solid Door

Oasis Walk In Bathtub with Swing Out Door

• 51 ¼ x 26 x 37.5
A luxurious soak in an Ella walk in tub is seen by many as a private staycation. This is the inspiration for the Oasis, a secluded, relaxing experience that is only as far away as your bathtub. At 26", this is the slimmest outward swing acrylic walk in tub, ensuring a right sized experience for for your daytrip.
Colors rhythmically change the water to create a relaxing & harmonious experience. The aluminum door has a rounded bottom with a 6" threshold and safety latch. Available options include a wall extension kit, left or right drain, and a choice of white or biscuit coloring. As with all of our outward swing acrylic walk in bathtubs, this model comes with a stainless steel frame, fiberglass reinforced shell, and a high quality textured acrylic finish. Also included are a beautiful fast fill faucet set, built in grab bars, and watertight outward swing door with a pivot action handle. These tubs are available as a soaking, air massage, hydro massage, and dual massage system.

• Acrylic Textured Finish
The shell is created with the same process as the Acrylic Gloss shell, but the mold has tiny random nodules that create a texture. The purpose is to provide a foundation that will handle a little more wear and tear. Consider a wheelchair user sliding up to a tub and not bumping it, a high gloss acrylic would show the scrapes and bumps. The textured acrylic shell is durable and remains color-consistent.
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Factory Direct Sale from Ella's Bubbles

All Ella walk-in bathtubs come directly to you from their factory - no refurbished or second tubs. Free Shipping - Contiguous US
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Oasis Soaking & Massage Bathtubs
Offered as a Right or Left Drain, Air, Whirlpool & Dual Massage

  • Left Drain
    Left Drain & Door
  • Right Drain
    Right Drain & Door

26" W x 51.25" L x 37.5" H
Water Capacity | 60 Gallons (unoccupied) | 45-50 gallons (occupied)
Offered in White or Biscuit
Wall extension kit to fit the tub into a standard 60" opening is optional
PDF DownloadOwner's Manual

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  • Oasis Soaking Tub
    #OW5126SL | Left Drain
    #OW5126SR | Right Drain

    Not Your Sale Price: $5500.00

    PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet
    Net Weight: 245#
    Shipping Weight: 290#
  • Oasis Hydro Massage
    #OW5126HL | Left Drain
    #OW5126HR | Right Drain

    Not Your Sale Price: $6778.00

    PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet
    Net Weight: 245#
    Shipping Weight: 295#
  • Oasis Air Massage
    #OW5126AL | Left Drain
    #OW5126AR | Right Drain

    Not Your Sale Price: $6500.00

    PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet
    Net Weight: 245#
    Shipping Weight: 295#
  • Oasis Dual Massage
    #OW5126DL | Left Drain
    #OW5126DR | Right Drain

    Not Your Sale Price: $7722.00

    PDF DownloadTechnical Sheet
    Net Weight: 255#
    Shipping Weight: 305#

Oasis Walk-in Bathtub Features →

Recommended Ella's Walk-in Tub Accessories
• Chromatherapy Lighting
Chromatherapy LED Lighting
List Price $400.00 | Multi-Color Light Therapy

• Ozone Sterilization
Ozone Sterilization On and Off Control
List Price $450.00 | Generates O3 to eliminate bacteria and mold. Easily operated push button control.

End Panels
End Panel Hides the Side of the Tub
List Price $300.00 | Designed to cover the end of the tub for 2 wall installation

Extension Panel
Extension Panel Increses the Tub's Length
List Price $300.00 | Wall extension kit to fit tub into standard 60" openings

Ella's Bubbles Oasis Features
• Stainless Steel Frame
• Self-leveling feet
• 17" Seat Height
• 23 ¼" Seat Width
• Eight (8) adjustable heavy duty leveling legs for stainless steel frame support
• Anti-slip floor for your safety
• Aluminum Door and Frame
• Two (2) built-in safety grab bars
• 2 Front removable access panels
• Low 6" threshold step in with the ability to raise it another 2"
• 2" Quick Drain with overflow
- Horizontal or Vertical PVC Drain
- Large drain plunger with safety chain

Tub Filler and Hand Shower
• Single Lever Faucet:
- Metal construction valve body
- 3/4" iron pipe thread hose connections
- Hand shower and fill spout in brushed stainless steel
- Pivot action lever style handle
- Faucet fill rate designed for 18 gpm flow
- Hand shower designed for 1.9 Gpm flow
- High flow ceramic temperature cartridge

• Air Massage System:
- 16 therapeutic air massage jets
- 0.66HP air blower with heater
- ON/OFF push control

• Hydro Massage System:
- 8 adjustable therapeutic hydro massage jets
- 0.75HP pump
- On/off push control
- In-line water heater

• Dual Massage System:
- Both Air & Whirlpool features listed above

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Ella Warranty
- Lifetime limited warranty on frame, door, door seal gasket and acrylic walk in tub shell
- 5 Year parts warranty
- More Warranty Information →

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