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Bathroom Spa Tub

Everyone has an idea of what will help sooth away the pressures of the day. While we can't help with your wine or music selection, we can help you choose the best tub system. Find the Perfect Bathroom Spa Experience – Whirlpool, Air and Heated Tubs.
Whirlpool Jets Above Air Jets

What kind of Tub Provides the Perfect Bathroom Spa Experience?

We will give you a feature summary for each spa tub system and links for more information. Remember we are here for all of your questions.

Whirlpool Spa Tub

A whirlpool is best suited for: Those looking to massage sore muscles and joints.
Vigorous, concentrated, deep tissue spa massage
Some use the term "Jacuzzi" to denote a whirlpool. A whirlpool uses a pump (motor) to force the water through the jets. The amount of force depends on the jet design, horsepower of the pump and the amount of air added to the water. (There is more volume with less pressure when air is introduced into the water as it goes through a jet.)
Customized massage
Jets can be adjustable in direction (angle) or volume. The number of water jets can be indicated by the manufacturer or, in some cases, jets can be added or moved. Motors can be one or multiple speed. A multiple speed motor with adjustable volume and direction jets provides for the most customized massage.
Look for:
• Jet location: Where do you want the massage? Back (upper or lower), feet and hips? Jet location or emphasis varies among the manufactures.
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Air Spa Tub

An air bathtub is best suited for: Those looking for a softer, sit back and relax, bubbly massage
Subtle, bubbly spa massage
An air bath uses a blower to push heated air through multiple small ports (holes) in the bottom or lower sides of the tub. Think about having a glass of soda with a straw. Blow through the straw to create bubbles in the soda. That is how an air tub works but with lots of smaller straws.
Customized massage
The bubbling effect can be at a low simmer or full power moving the water vigorously, the control allows you to change the setting. Even at the highest setting the massage is soft tissue. The force is spread through out the tub, not in concentrated areas (as in a jetted).
Look for:
• Jet Location: The holes can be located on the floor or around the sides near the bottom. With bottom holes, the bubbles will come underneath you, directly bubbling against your skin. With holes around the sides, the bubbles will come out horizontally then up vertically causing the bubbly water to move around you.
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Micro Bubbles

A micro bubble bathtub is best suited for: Those looking for a bath without a massage but want to rejuvenate the skin
Cleanse, heal and restore skin
Innovative bathing therapy that infuses water with millions of micro sized, oxygen rich molecules. Quieter than a whirlpool or air bath, it can help relax both your mind and body. Want more, combine this massage with a whirlpool or air bathtub.
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Vibro Sonic Massage

A Vibro Sonic Massage is best suited for: Those looking to massage sore muscles
Deep Massage - with or without water
Motorized massage nodes pulsate, vibrate or run through sequences of Shiatsu type massage. And it can be combined with other systems.
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Combination Spa Tub

A combination whirlpool & air bath is best suited for: Those wanting total control of their massage possibilities
Whirlpool & Air
The best of both worlds: choose a deep tissue massage then lay back with a bubble massage. Both systems can be on at the same time. Two electrical connections are needed – one for the blower and one for the pump (& 1 more if a heater is added)

Heated Soaking Spa

A Heated Soaking bathtub is best suited for: Those wanting to soak in warm water
A soak in warm water will sooth the body, boosts cardiac output, lower blood pressure and improve circulation. New to the bathing world, a soaking bath with an in-line heater. Soak as long as you would like with out a drop in water temperature.
Here is a line drawing of Hydro Systems Fusion In-line Heater System for a Soaking Tub
In-line Heater/Pump for a Soaking Tub
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Shop Spa Tubs by Size & Style

We have sorted all of our tubs by size to help you with shopping. You will find these links below. Before you head there, we do offer more information on finding the perfect bath tub. Our article Choosing a Bathtub → gives thoughts on the different things to consider like installation styles and tub sizes.

Leading Tub Companies

We are very proud of the companies we carry. They create tubs from the highest quality of acrylic, heavy duty fiberglass backing and excellent spa features and options.

Why do we carry so many brands? Each company provides a different mix of sizes, jet locations and motor power. Providing multiple choices allows you to find the perfect bathtub for your needs. How do you choose from so many? The simplest way is to give us a call - 866-380-0303. is here to help you sort through all the tubs to pick the best bath to fit your needs and budget.

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