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Americh Whisper Whirlpool

Tacey Whisper Whirlpool

Whisper Quiet Whirlpool Jets

Americh Whisper Collection introduces a new type of whirlpool. Comprised of 12 beautifully designed "pipeless" whirlpool tubs.
Pipeless Whirlpool Jet Technology
SHHH!!!... Its Time to Whisper
The Whisper Collection's technology utilizes independent motors at six strategically positioned jets to provide the ultimate hydro-massage therapy. This jet technology incorporates an AC motor at the end of each jet. Water is drawn in from a specially engineered hole pattern around the outside of the jet and then redirected under pressure through the center of the port. Each jet operates at a flow rate of 18-20 GPM, providing a soothing stream. Because pipeless jet technology does not introduce air into the system, the Whisper tub is one of the quietest bathing experiences in the industry.
Whisper Collection bathtubs are available in Biscuit, Bone and White. They include color match trim, two chromatherapy lights, a cable drive waste and overflow and a decorative backlit keypad as standard equipment. All Whisper tubs are self-leveled with all controls pre-mounted, and ship from Americh's Charlotte, North Carolina facility.

Americh Whisper Whirlpools
Americh Options & Features

Thermal Comfort System (TCS)
Integral Tile Flange
The Thermal Comfort System enhances your bathing bathing experience with a special heating pad built into your neck and shoulder areas while you soak! Easier yet; you can simply sit in the bathtub without water and enjoy the feel of heat penetrating deeply to sooth your sore aching muscles.
• Two heat settings
• Heats acrylic to approximately 100 - 104°
• 18" x 15" pad
• Covers neck and shoulder area
• 30 minute auto-off function
• Uses less energy than a common 60 watt light bulb.
Grab Bar
Grab Bars
Offered in 9", 14" or 16". Some sizes not available on certain models.
Solid Brass - Factory installed.

Black Suction Pillow
Suction Pillow
Pillow is removable and adjustable for your comfort. 12" - Offered in Black only.

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